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Uma Neha Telugu Actress
  • DOB : 03-07
Other Skills

Uma Neha is a talented singer down south and can be regarded as 'Queen of title tracks' as she has sung the title tracks for Paisa Vasool Click to look into! >> Read More... , Temper Click to look into! >> Read More... , and Jyothi Lakshmi Click to look into! >> Read More... . She was born in Kurnool and it is said that director Puri Jagannadh Puri Jagannadh wears many feathers to his cap incl >> Read More... has been given her a break in the movie to perform the title track of Balakrishna starrer Paisa Vasool which has topped several chartbusters. In addition, she has dubbed recently for actress Musskan Sethi Muskan Sethi is an Indian-Actress and a Model. She >> Read More... .  For the song 'Paisa Vasool', it has vocals of Daler Mehendi, Uma Neha, and Anurag Kulkarni Anurag Kulkarni is a playback singer from Hyderaba >> Read More... . The lyrics were penned by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar and music was composed by Anup Rubens Anup Rubens is a music composer in Telugu movies. >> Read More... .

Uma Neha was electrifying in the song along with Daler Mehendi and Anup Ruben has tried to make the song as pulsating as she can. Uma Neha comes out with flying colors as a singer. The singer is at her casual self and doesn't try hard to get musical.  That's the best part of her voice and some time her voice seems to be merrily mellifluous. So far she has sung 150 numbers and her numbers really have a foot-tapping beat giving the viewer’s always racy feeling.  This is the reason possibly that her number makes the cut.

Her solo numbers include 'Raja Raja' (Jyothi Lakshmi) 'Padhiheno Eta Nenu' ('Cine Mahal'). A popular duet"Modatisari" was sung by her and Raman Bhardwaj for movie ' 365 Days Click to look into! >> Read More... '. The foot tapping number ‘Muchatagaa’ song was sung by her and Kanishka ("Rajugaarintlo 7 VaRoju"). “Gola Gola” was another popular number from movie ' Pidugu Click to look into! >> Read More... ' sung by Uma Neha and L V Revanth.

Her duet numbers are 'Akkineni Akkineni' from movie " Akhil Click to look into! >> Read More... " sung by Divya Kumar Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Divya Kumar is an Ind >> Read More... , Mohana Bhogaraju Mohana Bhogaraju is an Indian Playback Singer. She >> Read More... , Uma Neha, Bhargavi for music composer Anup Rubens and 'Aisa Ambani Pillai' for movie " Lion Click to look into! >> Read More... " sung by Uma Neha, Sweekar Agasthi Sweekar Agasti is an Indian playback singer, popul >> Read More... under musical composer Mani Sharma Mani Sharma is a famous music Director in Tamil an >> Read More... . She also has sung multi-singer track song from movie 'Temper' under composer Anup Rubens and the song was sung by few more singers, M. L. R. Karthikeyan, Bhargavi Pillai Bhargavi is a playback singer who works in the Ind >> Read More... , Rap Rahul Rap Rahul is an Indian Tollywood Playback artist w >> Read More... , Simha.

In the movie Where Is ‘VidyaBalan', Uma Neha and Vinayak have sung the sunny Leone number under music composition of Kamran. Uma Neha has the sung the number ‘Ghanta’ which has lyrics by Sreejo for music composer Praveen Lakkaraju. Another popular duet number 'Yem Maayo' came like a breath of a fresh air which was sung by Deepu and Uma Neha which was from the movie ' Iddari Madhya 18 Click to look into! >> Read More... '. The title song 'Akathayi' from the movie 'Akakatayi’ was sung by Uma Neha which was composed by Mani Sharma. Uma Neha is an amazing singer. She is considered to be (at least now) the most popular singer in Telugu. Since her pronunciation is good she can sing any song without hurting words.