Uma Neha is a talented singer down south and can be regarded as 'Queen of title tracks' as she has sung the title tracks for Paisa Vasool, Temper, and Jyothi Lakshmi. She was born in Kurnool and it is said that director Puri Jagannadh has been given her a break in the movie to perform the title track of Balakrishna starrer Paisa Vasool which has topped several chartbusters.

In addition, she has dubbed recently for actress Musskan Sethi. For the song 'Paisa Vasool', it has vocals of Daler Mehendi, Uma Neha, and Anurag Kulkarni. The lyrics were penned by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar and music was composed by Anup Rubens.

Uma Neha was electrifying in the song along with Daler Mehendi and Anup Ruben has tried to make the song as pulsating as she can.

Uma Neha comes out with flying colors as a singer. The singer is at her casual self and doesn't try hard to get musical.  That's the best part of her voice and some time her voice seems to be merrily mellifluous. So far she has sung 150 numbers and her numbers really have a foot-tapping beat giving the viewer’s always racy feeling.  This is the reason possibly that her number makes the cut.

Her solo numbers include 'Raja Raja' (Jyothi Lakshmi) 'Padhiheno Eta Nenu' ('Cine Mahal'). A popular duet"Modatisari" was sung by her and Raman Bhardwaj for movie ' 365 Days'. The foot tapping number ‘Muchatagaa’ song was sung by her and Kanishka ("Rajugaarintlo 7 VaRoju"). “Gola Gola” was another popular number from movie ' Pidugu' sung by Uma Neha and L V Revanth.

Her duet numbers are 'Akkineni Akkineni' from movie " Akhil" sung by Divya Kumar, Mohana Bhogaraju, Uma Neha, Bhargavi for music composer Anup Rubens and 'Aisa Ambani Pillai' for movie " Lion" sung by Uma Neha, Sweekar Agasthi under musical composer Mani Sharma. She also has sung multi-singer track song from movie 'Temper' under composer Anup Rubens and the song was sung by few more singers, M. L. R. Karthikeyan, Bhargavi Pillai, Rap Rahul, Simha.

In the movie Where Is ‘VidyaBalan', Uma Neha and Vinayak have sung the sunny Leone number under music composition of Kamran. Uma Neha has the sung the number ‘Ghanta’ which has lyrics by Sreejo for music composer Praveen Lakkaraju.

Another popular duet number 'Yem Maayo' came like a breath of a fresh air which was sung by Deepu and Uma Neha which was from the movie ' Iddari Madhya 18'.

The title song 'Akathayi' from the movie 'Akakatayi’ was sung by Uma Neha which was composed by Mani Sharma. Uma Neha is an amazing singer. She is considered to be (at least now) the most popular singer in Telugu. Since her pronunciation is good she can sing any song without hurting words.

Ghazal Srinivas Telugu Actor

Ghazal Srinivas

Born an artist, metamorphosed into an activist artist. While fame and money are an accompaniment of fellows in the limelight, an ancient 'frame drum' or 'Kanjura' is his only. Often credited with popularising Telugu ghazals to the power of infinity after his debut visit and performance in the USA in 1992. His inspiration was Dr C Narayan Reddy. Also called the 'Voice of Inspiration' he plays vocals and frame drums and also has a soft corner for languages. He is the proud owner of three Guinness Book of World Records for most languages sung in 2008 which is 25 songs in 125 global dialects as a supporter and propagator of Gandhian philosophy and by doing 55 concerts in 24 hours. Ghazal Srinivas was born as Kesiraju Srinivas on fourteenth day of October in 1966 in Andhra Pradesh. He was always a part of the group formed with a noble cause. He started his wonderful journey with a noble cause; he did his debut performance in “Satya Saibaba Seva Samithi Eye Camp”. Ghazal Srinivas started as a singer in an orchestra but soon realised that he was much more than a mimic. After completing graduation, he joined Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan as music assistant where he continued learning from Guru Jwalamaamiba who was the music teacher there. A compliment from the idol is like seeing a beautiful dream. His dream came true when Dr C Narayan Reddy declared him as his "Ghazal Manasa Puturudu". A famous journalist and writer Mr A B Subba Rao once addressed him as Ghazal Srinivas, and since then he is recognised in the same manner. His entire life he went on learning skills which could improve his performance and now when he is a representative of Telugu ghazals, his unique style beautifully combines whatever he has learnt until now. He composes ghazals, in Hindustani and Carnatic Ragas and with his theatrics skills along with the creative application of Harikatha and Burrakatha recital proficiency. Moreover, his dress-up and a smile intact on his face add to the beauty of listening to his concerts. His area of creativity goes from music to drama. He played lead and notable roles in a couple of movies and then went on to concentrate more on his music. It also goes to writing. He has written plays titled “Fourth Monkey, Waiting for Mahatma”, “Trust”, “Black Dream”, “Param Veer Chakra” etc. He also had a hand in the Indo-Pak peace march in 2005. He released an audio album “Shanthi Yatra” which became famous in Pakistan and Pakistan youth were motivated towards Indo-Pak friendship by him. He also used music as a tool when he was an advisor for rural development wherein he gave his 100% to make complete use of his position. It takes long hours of practise, self-containment, talent, patience and discipline to become a great and renowned artist but it takes only a huge heart to channelize that artistry in providing the needs to the needy; and he has the thought that every artist has a social responsibility to fulfil. But Ghazal Srinivas went a couple of steps further by sharing his talents with the inmates of jail who are often neglected by the society. He along with Harmony Concepts had five rounds of his concerts in phase one of the program wherein he customised his ghazals coordinating moral teachings with music. Most of all, the people felt free following the program their ears, as well as their, were uplifted. It was as if in that moment they forgot what their crimes were and all of them were united under one tag of humanity by his charming voice. He also introduced certificate courses on Satyagraha Philosophy. Presently, he is serving as Honorary Brand Ambassador for “Save Temples Mission” and honorary advisor for Lions International and Rotary Club of Vijayawada. His fame in the foreign land is not less known. He is the Brand Ambassador of North America Telugu Society in the USA.