Steven Shankar

Other names of Steven Shankar: Sai Rajesh

Sai Rajesh is a well-known name in the Telegu film industry. Initially an actor in the earlier part of his career, he turned his attention towards direction and screenplay writing later. Known by the screen name Steven Shankar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shankar he is known for creating some successful trendsetting sarcastic movies like “Hrudaya Kaleyam” and “ Kobbari Matta Click to look into! >> Read More... Kobbari Matta .” Like his movies, his name also has a tone of underlying sarcasm, ‘Steven’ from Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... Steven Spielberg and ‘Shankar’ after director Shankar.

He is famous for his work as a director in “Hrudaya Kaleyam” and as a screenplay writer in “Hrudaya Kaleyam” (2014) and “Kobbari Matta” (2019), both starring Sampoornesh Babu Sampoornesh Babu is a Telugu actor who is popular >> Read More... Sampoornesh Babu . The success of his ventures had launched him offers from some big production houses, but he wants to continue with his hat-trick sarcastic film starring his lucky charm Sampoornesh Babu.