Raj Kiran is one of the well-known director, actor, and producer in Telugu film industry. He is known for the works that he has done in the industry. He struggled a lot in his earlier age to become a successful director. Before entering into the direction department Raj Kumar Actor RajKumar came to limelight as he resembled S >> Read More... Raj Kumar acted in a few of the Tamil films like Muni, Komban, Kereedan. He got appreciations for his performance in the movie. Being a director is his lifetime goal. For that, he used to strive really hard. He started writing a story and decided to direct the movie at any cost. That movie was an horror-comedy thriller. Most of the writing he has done in one of the burial grounds of Hyderabad so that he can relate to that subject and can concentrate more and can get effective ideas.

After completion of writing the story, he started visiting all the production offices and urged them to give him at least one chance to prove himself. He almost approached every producer. Most of the producers liked the story but no one offered him a chance to direct instead they insisted him to give the story to them. But Raj Kiran never did that. He has faith that some day he will definitely direct. At last Kona Venkat Kona Venkat is a prominent Indian screenwriter, di >> Read More... Kona Venkat came forward and helped him to achieve his dream. And that is how “ Geethanjali Click to look into! >> Read More... Geethanjali ” started. This movie starred Anjali, Harsha, and Brahmanamdham as the lead actors. After the completion of the movie, the preproduction and sensor verification took some time. At that time Raj Kiran got disappointed and was bed-ridden for a few days.

Later on, the movie was out and it really worked well near the box office. He was very happy with the success he got. Many congratulated him on his success. He then came back with another movie called “ Tripura When the heroine of a film has a strange premoniti >> Read More... Tripura .” This movie starred Swathi and Naveen Chandra Naveen, also known as Naveen Chandra Reddy is a So >> Read More... Naveen Chandra as the lead pair. This is a horror film. Based upon some real situations director has made that script. Raj Kiran worked very hard for this movie. Unfortunately, this movie did not work well. Movie critics gave 1.5 as the review. He felt a little disappointed and he thought he should definitely prove himself in the next flick. He immediately started doing another film “Lakkunnodu” which starred Hansika and Vishnu as the lead pair. Miserably that movie too did not work well. This time he’s striving hard to make a good film and he’s damn sure that he will bounce back with a very good block buster.