Suresh Bobbili is an Indian music director associated with the Tollywood film industry who got his fame and name from there only, reaching the top level. He is known for composing the film Maa Abbayi (2017) and Needi Naadi Oke Katha (2018), which is so soothing that it can be our last resort. His 2019 releases include Nuvvu Thopu Raa Click to look into! >> Read More... Nuvvu Thopu Raa , Tholubommalata, and George Reddy Click to look into! >> Read More... George Reddy , which is pursuing his dreams and creating more and more masterpieces that make us come wanting for more. Suresh Bobbili is a well-known Indian film Music Director who has worked dominantly in the Telugu movie industry, hailing from there and giving us power-packed performances and hits after hits.

Suresh has worked in popular movies like Power Play, Akshara. His previous film to hit the theatres was Power Play in 2021, which was also a super hit. He makes songs that fulfill our souls and give us a feeling of home and want for more and more. So far, his artwork has been released in the Telugu film industry, which has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation.

Music gives a much-needed spice and a new spark to every kind of story out there. It tries to tell us stories from their point of view and adds new meaning and another imagination to already imaginative people out there. His musical journey is awe-inspiring and makes us feel every tune and melody of it trying, to feel more and more and indulge in it so that you will feel like you got lost in his music. A music director's job isn't easy as he has to make content that's appealing to everyone without making it lose its actual touch and authenticity. Still, Suresh Bobbili always does it flawlessly without making us question any of it.