Mandeep Kaur Takhar

Other names of Mandeep Kaur Takhar: Mandy Takhar,Mandeep Takkar

Mandeep Kaur Takhar is a superstar, who has an impact on the entertainment Milieu. This actress is a delight to watch, and she always ensures the happiness of the audience. Mandeep spent the early years of her life in the United Kingdom. Shewas born in the city of Wolver Hampton. Mandeep hails from Mariana, which is a village in the Punjab Region. Mariana is in proximity to Phagwara. Mandeep did not grow up like many girls, due to her love for activities, which are preferable for boys.

Mandy Thakkar participated in the Rugby Team of her school and is the only girl amidst many boys. Mandy is also passionate about Martial Arts, which is rare for a lady. Mandeep later relocated to London at the age of 17. While in London, she enrolled at Kingston University, where she pursued a degree in Drama. She left the United Kingdom in 2009, so as to accept a role in the Punjabi Film Industry.

Mandeep Kaur Takhar travelled to Mumbai and performed with Babbu Mann, who is a singer from the Punjabi Region. She collaborates with Babu in a movie titled “Ekam” whose translation means “Son of Soil.”Mandeep Thakkar’s ability mesmerizes the viewers. The talent she displays in “Son of Soil” is great.

Mandeep later accepted a role in the movie titled “Mirza.”Director Baljit Singh Deo is responsible for the supervision of this blockbuster. “Mirza’’ was released on the 6th of April 2012. Mandeep Thakkar gains experience as she collaborates with superstars like Gippy Grewal, Rahul Dev, and Jatinder Shah.It is a film that costed eighty million rupees. Her demonstration of talent in “Mirza” enables this icon to be a nominee, during the Punjabi Film Awards. Mandeep’s contribution to the growth of Punjabi Cinema is worth nothing.

Inda Raikoti and Aman Khatkar are the producers of “Mirza.” Toby Gorman takes charge of the cinematography. In 2013, Mandeep demonstrated her talent in a movie titled “Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22”.It makes waves in the entertainment Milieu. Director Amit Prasher ensures the supervision of this blockbuster. “Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22” was released on the 25th January 2013.Mandeep Thakkar collaborated with superstars like Mukesh Vohra, Amrinder Gill, Shavinder Mahal and Bhanu Dhillon.

She gained her experience during this period. She made her debut in the entertainment milieu with the movie titled “ Biriyani.”Mandeep’s performance in the blockbuster, "Sardaar Ji” propelled her to success. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award at Punjabi Film Events. Mandeep is a philanthropist. She spends time visiting refugee camps, and helping the needy. Mandeep Thakkar leads an organization that involves works of charity. The superstar visits Iraq, and Syria, so as to comfort the victims due to effects of war.

Manisha Chatterjee

Indian-born Manisha Chatterjee is an actress, whose contributions to the movie industry is worth everything. Her performance in some blockbusters, increases her popularity. She is an icon who is admirable, and a delight to watch. In 2007she performed in the movie titled “Kaanal Neer”. “Kaanal Neer” is a film in the Tamil Language. Director Chinni Jayanth demonstrates his experience in the supervision of this work of art. Singers like Tippu, Karthik, and Vijay Yesudas ensure the success of this blockbuster. “Kanal Neer” was released on the 12th of April 2007. It makes waves in the entertainment milieu, and is a delight for the audience. Manisha Chatterjee gained experience from her role in “Kaanal Neer.” Chinni Jayanth’s instrumental role is worth listening. “Kaanal Neer” gives a boost to the cinema industry’s reputation. “Thambividaiyaan” was released in 2004.This drama is under the supervision of Director Raja Mahesh. Raja ensures “Thanmbividaiyaan” gets to completion. “Thambividaiyaan” is admirable to watch. It was released on the 6th of November 2009. The cast of “Thambividaiyaan” include Charu Hassan, Aditya Anbu, Kadhal Dhandapani and Nizhalgal Ravi. Manisha Chatterjee gains expertise from her collaboration with these superstars. Producer Maheshwari raja is the mastermind behind the success of “Thambividaiyaan.” “World Cup 2011” is a movie released in 2009. Manisha Chatterjee demonstrates her talent, and mesmerizes the viewers. Her contribution to the success of “World Cup 2011” is unparalleled. Manisha collaborates with icons like Ravi Kapoor, Ehsaan Khan, Zakir Hussain, Suresh Oberoi, Prem Chopra, Kashmira Shah,and Smita Jaykar. Manisha Chatterjee’s enhances her abilities through interaction with these superstars. ”World Cup 2011” was released on 18th December 2009, and makes waves in the entertainment Milieu. Director Ravi Kapoor ensures the supervision of “World Cup 2011.”The game of cricket is the theme of “World Cup 2011.” Manisha Chatterjee takes part in a movie titled “Maha Prastanam”. The genre of “Maha Prastanam” is romance. Chatterjee’s role is exciting to the audience.The superstar demonstrates expertise that is admirable.Director Shri Krishna Gore is responsible for the supervision of this blockbuster. Manisha’s collaboration with Shri Krishna, helps to boost her confidence. Producer P Srinivasa Rao’s role is mesmerising. Kanishka takes charge of the music in “Maha Prastanam.”The release of “Maha Prastanam” is on the 3rd of December 2019.

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