Keerthi Krishna is an actor. She is working with the Telugu Film Industry. She has Indian nationality. She did projects like Arundhati, Chinnada Gimbe, and Madhuramee Yathra in line. She did work in Arundhati in the year 2009. It's run time is two hours and eleven minutes. It has a genre Mystery, thriller, suspense, and horror. Its released date is January 16 and in the year 2009. It got the certificate in the adult category by the censor board. Cast and crew of the projects as per information is Kodi Ramakrishna, Sonu Sood, Chalapathi Rao, Anushka Shetty, Manorama, Sayaji Shinde, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Kailash Kher, Divya Nagesh, Saluri Koteshwara Rao, Marthand K Venkatesh, Srinivas Mohan, Keerthi Krishna, Sri Krishna, Kush Murali, Rahul Nambiar and many more. M Shyam Prasad Reddy is the producer. Kodi Ramakrishna is the director.

Marthand K Venkatesh is the editor. Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy, C Narayana Reddy, and Ananth Sriram are a lyricist. Hanimi Reddy is the second assistant director. KK Senthil Kumar did the photography direction. Murali Manohar Reddy Penubadi, Dondeti Koti Reddy and Debadas Mohanty are visual effects designer. Ramana Chintapally is eh story writer. Adel Adili and Dorababu Achanta dare the visual effect artists. KS Chitra, Kailash Kher, Naga Sahithi, NC Karunya, Kushi Murali, and Sri Krishna have given their voice to tracks. Keerthi did project Chinnada Gombe in the year 2018. Its release date is March 2 and in the year 2018. It's run time is one hour and forty-three minutes. It has a genre thriller, suspense, and horror.

Cast and crew for it are Nagendra Kumar, Chetan Kumar, Rajesh Krishnan, Anuradha Bhat, Keerthi Krishna, Ranjith K Govind, Supriya Lohith, Chethan Kumar and many more. P Krishnappa and T Gopalan are a producer. Kausalya is the choreographer. Chetan Kumar and Dhanasheelan is the music director. J Guruprasad is the editor. Pankaj Balan did the direction on it. Mohan Kumar B, Chethan Kumar, and Prashanth Ramesh are the lyricist. Venky Darshan is eth director of photography. K Balu is the stunt director. Century Gowda, Gadappa, Anji Shri, Keerthi Krishna, Leena Kushi is the supporting actors. Nagendra Kumar is the public Relationship Officer. Keerthi did acting in Madhuramee Yathra. Its release date is December 7 and in the year 2018. Its average time is two hours and two minutes. It has a genre drama. Its cast and crew are Shivaji Guruvayoor, Maanav, Rajani Murali, Madhu Balakrishnan, Keerthi Krishna and many more.

Rekha Boj Telugu Actress

Rekha Boj

Rekha Boj is an actress in the Indian film industry. She predominantly worked in the Telugu entertainment industry and created a niche for herself. She is a hard-working, dedicated and talented actress with the sole motive of delivering her hundred percent in each one of her acts. She hailed from Vishakhapatnam and completed her studies from the Andhra University. The actress gained fame through a short film named ‘A true love story’ with Shanmukh Jaswanth in the main lead. She worked in many student films during her graduation days and learned the different nuances of acting through them. She worked upon her appearance and came out of her fear to face the camera. She realized that acting for the camera and live acting are two different concepts. She also did a cover song with the name of ‘Tanha Tanha’ where she portrayed a glamorous Avatar and garnered a lot of fan following for her vivacious acting. The video went viral on social media especially, in southern India for its boldness and real depiction of love. Rekha entered the movie industry with the film ‘Damini Villaa’ with the popular actor Aditya Om. It got directed by Rakesh Reddy. Pramod Kumar Vidya Sagar gave the music for the film and Prathap kumar Dandem produced it. The movie had mixed reviews at the box office due to the different concept added in a horror film. The actress played her character very well, and invoked the sense of fear in the audience. She gave horrified expressions which brought down chills in the theatre and her voice did the rest of the work. Her performance received a lot of positive reviews from the audience. She became part of a horror short film and worked on a web series known as ‘Bond Girl.’ She worked in the movie ‘Rangeela’ directed by the talented director Rakesh Reddy. It got released in the year 2018 and had the star cast of Nidhi Sinah, Navya Raj, Veeresh Babu, Preethan Reddy, Vivek, and the famed Idream TNR. It got produced by Prathap Kumar Dandem and narrated a cute love story going through the lives of three young girls. With the successful direction of two short films, the director Rakesh Reddy chose Rekha for the challenging role as he already worked with her in one of his horror flicks. He trusted her with this character also and Rekha performed up to the mark and stole the heart of many of her viewers.