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Telugu Movie Actress Girija
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Girija is a Telugu actress whose main region of interest is comedy. She was active during the 50s and 60s. Born on March 3, 1938, she hails from Andhra Pradesh. She debuted in the film Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha during the year 1950. She worked in several movies with Relangi Venkataramaiah. They were a popular comedy pair during that time. The film Patala Bhairavi earned her accolades and she worked in the Telugu industry for around 20 years.

On her personal front, Girija was wedded to C Sanyasi Raju. Her spouse commenced a film company which also had her name. It is known as Vijaya Giri Dhwaja Productions. This banner produced several films. The daughter of Girija, Saleema, is also into the film industry; she is mostly seen in Malayalam movies.

Some of the films in which Girija acted includes Navvite Navaratnalu, Dharmadevata, En Veedu, Bhale Ramudu, Dongallo Dora, Suvarna Sundari Click to look into! >> Read More... , Navarathri, Aadadani Adrustam etc.


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