Delhi Rajeshwari

Other names of Delhi Rajeshwari: Delhi Rajeswari

Delhi Rajeshwari is one among the most popular mother actresses of the Telugu cinema industry. She entered the film industry through the movie Kallu in the year 1988. She was born in East Godavari district. She was very interested in studies. She likes to teach people and hence pursued her Bachelor in Education. She also did her Post graduated Diploma in Management and Journalism. She is married to P. S. S. Prasad, who encourages her a lot in her acting career. Though Rajeshwari’s mother tongue is Telugu, she is well versed in Tamil, Hindi, and English.

Though she had a tight schedule in her cinematic career, she never forgets to care for her home. She loves cooking and makes her favorite dishes and keeps her home, a sweet home. She is also interested in singing and dancing. During the time of her cinema entry, there were many Rajeshwari's, and hence she was named as Delhi Rajeshwari, as she was brought up in Delhi. She balances her career as well as her family. She also acted in serials. She loves to do roles that are challenging, as it gives her a unique identity and lots of acting scope. Anandam, Ishtam, Chakram, Avunu, and Sarocharu are few of her popular movies