Bindu Barbie

Other names of Bindu Barbie: Bindhu Barbie

Bindu Barbie is an upcoming Telugu actress. She had acted in the Telugu movies Prema Katha Chitram and Ee Rojollo in small roles. While Prema Katha Chitram, which was a horror comedy flick,  was released on 2013, Ee Rojullo was released on 2012. Ee Rojullo had no big star cast.

Bindu Barbie is interested in photography apart from acting. Also, she involves herself in attending movie related functions and melas. She attended the Pochampally Ikat Art Mela at Vishakapatnam.

Bindu Barbie had also acted in a Kannada movie Tha. Tha is not only a horror film but is also interspersed with comedy. The movie, directed by debutante Giridhar P, revolves around three buddies with different physical inabilities. The movie received positive response from the crtiics and a special show was also held for women. Bindu played the role of a newly married woman in the movie who eventually is trapped. The role of Bindu had a message to the audiences. 

Now Bindu Barbie is acting in the Telugu movie Manasantha Nuvve which got its name from the 2001 movie starring Reema Sen and Uday Kiran. Bindu shares screenspace with Pawan Agarwal in this movie which is touted to be a cute love story. The movie's direction is helmed by Sivanageswara Rao and Rap Rock Shakeel has composed music.

Let’s wish this upcoming actress all  the best for her future endeavors.