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Telugu Movie Actress Actress Shraddha Sharma
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Shraddha Sharma Shraddha Sharma is an Indian singer from Dehradun. >> Read More... is an Indian film actress who made her career through a movie released in 2000, Jwalamukhi, which is about a cop who attempts to alter the rules of the village. She also has played a subsidiary role in Humein TumsePyar Ho Gaya Chupke Chupke, directed by Pramod Mandloi, and she was spotted in a Bhojpuri film which goes by the name,

International Daroga in which she was starred as one of the leads of opposite Shatrugan Sinha and, Manoj Tiwari An incumbent Bhojpuri superstar, Manoj Tiwari was >> Read More... . She was also cast as the female lead in an amazing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious movie, Sarfaroshi- A War Against System, directed by Bhagirathi Swain.


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