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Telugu Movie Actor Vamsi Nakkanti
  • Gender : Male

Vamsi Nakkantiis also known as Vamsiraj Nekkanti, is a well-known known actor, director, and model. Vamsi is known for his predominant contributions to the Tamil and Telugu film and television industry. Vamsi was born in Vijaywada, Andra Pradesh. Presently, he is living in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh. Vamsi is a disciple of the Hindu religion.

He is a popular actor in the South Industry. He has acted in films like Evvarikkee Vangaveeti, Cheppoddu, Evvarikee Cheppoddu Click to look into! >> Read More... , and many more. Vamsi is an ardent lover of non-vegetarian food and loves hunting on it. Vamsi also believes in living life to the fullest and gives his best shot.


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