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Other names of Naveen Naresh: Naveen Vijay Krishna
Telugu Movie Actor Naveen Naresh
  • Gender : Male
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Naveen Naresh is a Telugu actor and film editor. He was born on 16th January 1985 and lives in Hyderabad, Telangana. He is popular for his role in 'Nandini Nursing Home'. He is a third generation actor in his family. Naveen is the son of Indian comedy actor Naresh Vijaya and Rekha Supriya, and grandson to actors Vijaya Nirmala Vijaya Nirmala is a Guinness Record holder as the >> Read More... and K. S. Murthy. Naveen’s parents divorced. He also has a brother named Teja and a step-brother from Naresh’s third wife, Ramya Raghupati. His Uncle Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... is an actor and producer. For most of his career, Naveen worked as a film editor for major block-busters like ' Rakhi Click to look into! >> Read More... ' in 2006 and 'Danger' in 2005, under directors like Manchu Manoj Manchu Manoj Kumar (Manoj Manchu) is the son of ac >> Read More... and Krishna Vamsi Krishna Vamsi or also known as Vamshiramya, is an >> Read More... . He debuted as an actor for the first time in the Telugu romantic comedy 'Nandini Nursing Home' on 21st October, 2016 in the lead role.

The movie received critical acclaim, and so did Naveen’s acting. Naveen went on live chat with his fans on Mango Talkies on 11th October, 2016 along with co-stars Nithya Naresh Nithya Naresh is an Indian actress who works prima >> Read More... and Shravya to promote 'Nandini Nursing Home'. He also gave exclusive interviews at Salt and Pepper Interview, Pravasa Bharata on TV5 News, Chit Chat CHITCHAT is a one on one talk show with celebritie >> Read More... with Pani Puri Click to look into! >> Read More... team, Telugu Film Nagar and NTV Telegu to promote the film. He has also appeared on Talk 2 Me. On 30th October 2016, Naveen also appeared on episode 81 of 'Boom Boom Show', a game show on Gemini TV, with his father. Here they played games with each other to win prizes and entertained the viewers. Naveen’s next release, 'Aina Ishtam Nuvvu' was supposed to be his debut film, set to release in the summer of 2015, but was delayed due to various reasons.

The film was also Ramprasad Ragutu’s debut as a director, with whom Naveen worked as an editor in his previous films. In fact, the name of the movie comes from the song 'Nuvvu Nuvvu' of the movie 'Khadgam' in which they worked together under director Krishna Vamsi. When Ragutu approached Naveen to offer him the lead role in his film, Naveen weighed at least 130 Kg and had to lose about 80 kilos to become an actor. Naveen received training for acting from Nirmala. However, Naveen’s debut on screen would come in 1987, when he appeared in the film Shankaravam at the age of two, along with his uncle Mahesh Babu, who was twelve years old at that time.

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Naveen Naresh Family Tree


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