Ironleg Sastri Telugu Actor
  • Date of death: 19-06-2006

Ironleg Sastri is a Telugu, comedian actor. He entered the Telugu film industry in the year 1992 and was introduced by ace director E.V.V. Satyanarayana in the 1991 Telugu film, Appula Appa Rao. He was born as Gunupudi Viswanath Shastri, but he became popular by his character name, Iron Leg, which he used in this film. He acted in over 150 films including Evandi Avida Vachindi, Chance, Little Gang, Abbai Premalo Paddadu, Jamba Lakidi Pamba Click to look into! >> Read More... Jamba Lakidi Pamba , Pekaata Papa Rao, Maavichiguru, Veedavadandi Babu, Thammudu, Swayamvaram, Toli Choopulone, Yours Abhi and a lot more.

In the year 2004, it was reported that Ironleg has been into financial crisis. In 2006, he suffered due to heart problems and died on June 19, 2006, at his residence in Tadepalligudem. He also had Jaundice during the last few days of his life. Ironleg’s family appealed to the government of Andhra Pradesh and the entire Telugu film industry for financial support. Many actors donated money to his family including Sampoornesh Babu Sampoornesh Babu is a Telugu actor who is popular >> Read More... Sampoornesh Babu .