Telugu Lyricist ( 12 - 24 )



Lyricist Cherish The Song

A lyricist is a person who is creative with words and composes the lyrics for a song. Songs and dances are very crucial to the success of a movie in Tollywood, and hence, the job of a lyricist is a big one. A lyrical writer weaves magic with words. There are many freelance writers who keep submitting their works to composers and directors. The directors then call them up if their song can be used in a film. Alternately, the lyricist might go in line with the script and write songs that could fit some situation in the movie. He works closely with the music composer.

Whether the lyrics are written first or the music is composed first, is a question that puzzles many. Different composers and lyrics writers have different ways of going about it. Sometimes the words are written first and then the music is prepared. Other times, the melodies and chords are decided first and then the words are added to complete the song. Many times it happens that the composer and the writer do it simultaneously together, a few words and a little music at a time. There are innumerable examples of Telugu songs whose lyrics tugged at our heartstrings. Here are some of Tollywood’s best lyricists of all time.