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Telugu Lyricist Taidala Bapu
  • Gender : Male

Taidala Bapu is an Indian lyricist and music composer, popular amongst the regional audience for his work on the soundtracks of movies and independent albums like Anuvamshi Katha (2018), Friend Request Click to look into! >> Read More... (2016), Elukaa Majaaka (2016), etc. Mostly known for his critical involvement in the music albums of Tollywood movies, he is one of the most versatile lyricists in the industry right now.

Based in South India, Taidala was deeply interested in the art of writing music since his childhood. The year 2016 was a crucial one for him as he made his first portentous contribution on the silver screen. Since then, Taidala has evolved a lot. 


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Age Now 47

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