Nandagopal Nadella was born in 1934 in Repalle, Andhra Pradesh. Nandagopal Nadella is a renowned film editor, critic and a journalist. At his 18 years, he won the first prize in the Film Review contest hosted by Gopichand, the legendary writer cum director for his film Perantallu. In 1952, Nandagopal Nadella joined as the assistant to K.Pratyagatma, The editor of Jwala. In the year 1967, he attended the Film Appreciation Course hosted by Film Institute Of India Poona. From 1967 to 78, Nadella worked as the editor in the journals Telugu Tera and Kinema. From 1978 to 85 he had been the Member in the Advisory Panel in Central Board of Film Censors in Madras.

He had also been the Press Accreditation Committee member in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. In 1985-87, Nadella was the Editor of Telugu Velugu Show Story Coming Soon...   >> Read More... , the Official Journal of Andhra Pradesh Government. In 1990, he had been the Advisory Panel member in Hyderabad CBFC. He had been the member of Script Scrutiny Committee in National Film Development Corporation in Madras in 1991. Nandagopal Nadella had been the advisory editor in Movie Market, a popular Telugu Film Magazine.

The awards grabbed by Nandagopal Nadella are: Meghasandesam – Best Film Critic Award in 1997 Dasari Narayana Rao Dasari Narayana Rao is an Indian cinema director w >> Read More... gold medal - Best Film Journalist in 2000 Chiranjeevi Best Film Critic Award in 2004 Nagarjuna Best Film Critic Award –Swarna Kankanam in 2006 Felicitation -18 Cultural Organisations Of Twin Cities in 2007 Senior Film Journalist Award - South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce in 2013 In 2014, he won the Swarna Kamal Award (National Award) for his book Cinema Ga Cinema. He had also won the Nandi Award in 2013 for the same book. Nandagopal Nadella is married to Kalpana Devi and the couple has three children, Nadella Gopichand, Nadella Pratyagatma and Koduru Kavitha. Due to the age-related illness, Nandagopal Nadella left the world on 22nd June 2018.

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