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Venky Kudumula is a very known director and is respected even by senior actors and so-called megastars. he is a well-established artist but still holds the docility in his tone and has always been the same simple personality reaching his sets in simple clothes, no show-off or any such acts of extravagant influence.

Also, he is very kind to his actors and crew and this is what his followers respect him for. He has delivered many superhits and some average movies on the screen. Movies like Rang de and Chalo had a very good response from the viewers and the potential viewers.

Another Version Of This Bio

 Venky is an Indian-Director. He mainly works in the Telugu Film Industry. He is thinking of working in the other film industries which include Hindi Film Industry, Tamil Film Industry, Kannada Film Industry, and Malayalam Film Industry. He is a hardworking and dedicated director. He works in the Television Industry and the Film Industry.Along with being a Director, he is also interested in exploring the media industry.

Some of the films in which he has worked include Bheeshama, which gets released on 21st February 2020, and Chalo. In the coming years, he has signed some upcoming projects and he has started working on them.