Merlapaka Gandhi Telugu Actor
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    - Director

Merlepaka Gandhi is a popular and young Tollywood director who made his debut with the South Blockbuster movie named Venkatadri Express Click to look into! >> Read More... Venkatadri Express . The movie was a huge success and made the aspiring director recognised among the masses. Currently he is engaged on the post-production tasks of his next movie Express Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Express Raja . The much-awaited movie stars Actor Sharwanand and Actress Surabhi in the lead roles.

Born on 1st January 1980, Merlepka was originally named Che Guevara, but it was later on changed and renamed. His aspirations of becoming a director were evident since his childhood. He was born at Vedullacheruvu which was situated near Renigunta. His father was in the profession of Journalism and was also known for his writing. More than 24 novels written by his father were published in the popular magazine named Swathi. His biggest influencer was his father who encouraged him to read novels and books. In an interview, he recalls that his father used to give him money so that he reads a book. Later on, he used to ask his father to give him money so that he could buy books and novels.

He completed his undergraduate degree of B. Tech at Allagadda, but his interests remained in films. He convinced his father and started studying cinematography at the LV Prasad Institute located in Chennai. Run Raja Run director Sujith was his senior in the Institute. While studying at the Institute, he learnt the various aspects of film making and cinematography.

He made a short film, Kermara Devudu, during his study and it received much appreciation after it was published and uploaded on the internet. Venkatdri Express was his first film and it received a great response from movie-goers. His characters are mainly inspired and derived from real life. His upcoming movie took a long time in making due to his slow process of writing the script with perfection.

Express Raja which is said to be a situational comedy is set to be released next year. The comedy thriller will be produced by UV Creations, and it will be a screenplay based story filled with fun and entertainment. He grew up watching and admiring Jandhyala's films which were pure comedy. His comedic aspects in the film are based on certain real life observations and incidents. On August, this year he tied the knot with Sushma. His popularity and the hype surrounding his next film is an indication of the talent and skills the young director has at his disposal.