Goverdhan Reddy aka Govi is a Telugu director. Goverdhan Reddy was born on 5th May in Mittapally, Siddipet, Telangana, India. He is currently residing in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Before coming to the film industry, Goverdhan Reddy completed his education in the field of law (LLB).

He also worked as an advocate, but his interests were always lied in directing movies, so he changed the path of his and went on to direct a short film named Drishti in 2004. This short film talked about the abuse of the domestic workers.

Before making this short film, he interviewed almost 500 domestic workers who were abused to retain the authenticity of the theme. The short film’s screening was held at Ravindrabharathi in Hyderabad, India and was inaugurated by late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy.

Later the National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) showed the film to 3000 domestic workers who instantly felt a connection with the film. The short film Drishti (2004) received appreciation by the critics as well as the audience.

In 2014, Goverdhan Reddy directed his first Telugu movie, Love You Bangaram produced by Maruthi Films, starring Rahul Haridas, Shravya and Rajiv in the lead roles. It is a romantic movie based on the lives of the typical young generation.

The movie couldn’t do well and received negative reviews from the critics and was a disaster at the box office. However, the songs of this movie achieved great success even before the release of the film. In 2016, Goverdhan Reddy directed the Telugu film, Nayaki produced by Giridhar Mamidipally.

The lead actors in this movie were Trisha, Ganesh Venkatraman, Satyam Rajesh and Sushma Raj. It is a horror movie. The story revolves around a village where entry had been restricted because the village was haunted by Gayathri’s ghost.

Goverdhan Reddy also directed a Tamil film Nayagi in 2016. Nayagi is a Tamil dubbed version of the Telugu film Nayaki. This movie was also not appreciated by the critics and public.

Goverdhan always dreamt to be in the field of directing movies that is why in spite of enrolling as an advocate, he left the job and started directing films. He chased his dreams and finally did what he always wanted. He has done many short films, and all his short films were a great success.

Almost all the short films were based on a social cause, and he directed them brilliantly. Goverdhan Reddy’s movies were not that successful, compared to his short films. The short films connected with the audience quite well.

P. B. Manjunath

P. B. Manjunath is a budding screenplay writer and a director of Telugu cinema. He made his directorial debut with ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ in 2015. This film was produced by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy who is a distributor, director, and producer of Telugu film circuit. It was also co-produced by MVK Reddy. Through his first film, Manjunath had proved that writing a saleable screenplay is the hardest thing to get right when a producer wants to produce a film. The good screenplay would always tell us that you are not going to lose an audience. Perhaps this was a reason why Madhura Sreedhar chose Manjunath to direct this anthology movie. After the movie received a lot of applause from critics and mass audiences, Manjunath told that initially he put together all the stories for his screenplays, he then typically thought about all those major story beats and jotted them down on notecards or writing. The hard effort he put in his screenplay was that Manjunath did not think of his screenplay as a movie. But he did find the heart and soul of the story (penned by Sanjeev Reddy) that conceived around a central theme. As a director, he could easily connect the viewers with several short subjects compiled into one feature-length film. He thus connected the plot by a theme and this evolved out as part of the same genre focusing on evils of social media. This was an offbeat film no doubt. The film connected the viewers through social media and the psychology related with it. This film narrated how three young couples used social media and landed in trouble. The screenplay by Manjunath was exceptionally well and the duration of the movie was just for two hours and hence it is felt that the film was edited very well by Navin Nooli. The story for the movie was given by Sanjeev Reddy. It has multiple star cast of three pairs that included Kamal Kamaraju and Nikitha Narayan – Nikitha falls in love with Adivi Sesh through Facebook. Another couple was Chaitanya Krishna) who searches the internet to find his girlfriend Swathi Deekshith. The final couple was Mahath Raghavendra who woos Jasmin Bhasin who is a model and actress. ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ is a rare gem movie with such short themes which would not get an exposure via short films hence it was necessary that such anthology movie was made.

P. B. Manjunath Telugu Actor