B Narsinga Rao is a popular Telugu director in the parallel cinema field. Parallel cinema is nothing but a genre in movie making where film makers try to show realistic and genuine issues through their feature films. B Narsinga Rao born in 1947 in Medak, Telangana is a producer, director, editor and a composer.

Though his original name is Bongu Narasinga Rao, he is famously known as B Narsing Rao. The media fondly call B Narsinga Rao as The Killer of Kitsch for his naturalism and strong emotions he presents through his films. All his plots revolve around the poor and less nurtured people in Telangana and atrocities they faced from the razakars and also the movements they led for improving their lives. He almost released 9 movies till now and every movie of his has at least a little background motto of earthy and realistic plot to influence people.

In 1988 B Narsinga Rao directed his first movie “ Daasi Daasi is a Pakistani television show that falls un >> Read More... Daasi ” and was a classical hit. He not only made it but also produced and worked as a screenwriter. The lead role played by Archana as Kamalakshi is a servant maid sold by their parents to a prosperous family in Telangana. The story revolves around her and director had subtly shown all the emotions and expressions with fewer dialogues. This movie had won so many awards. Daasi movie had been awarded five National film awards; for best feature film in Telugu, best cinematography, best actress, best costume design and best art direction categories.

It’s been almost thirty-five years the movie had released but still, it is shown as the best example to teach the film standards to the directors. Prior to “Daasi” B Narsinga Rao had produced and also took responsibilities as a screenwriter for the flick, “Ma Bhoomi” which raised the level of Telugu movie value and made an official entry to the Karlvory vary movie festival and received huge applause there. Even in India, it had been awarded Nandis and Film Fare awards as the best film. B Narsinga Rao’s most of the films impressed international critics and premiered in many film festivals. His latest film “Harivillu” had been screen in 2003 56th Cannes international film festival. We can proudly say that B Narsinga Rao is the only director from Tollywood whose film was showcased in the most prestigious platform, Cannes.

Besides films, he also made documentaries with so much research. The Carnival, the City, and Akriti-Rock formations earned special attention in an International documentary festival held in Amsterdam. B Narsinga Rao is committed to the film industry from almost 38 years sincerely and loyally. It’s our luck to have such great people around us and working for us.