Akki Viswanatha Reddy Telugu Actor

Akki Viswanatha Reddy is a Tollywood movie director, who directed the movie "Adavi Kachina Vennela". Before becoming a director, he was a software professional, who left his job for pursuing his career interest as director. At his college days, Akki wrote a story and narrated to his friends, and they too liked his story. After he had completed his studies, he received a job offer abroad and started to work as a software professional. When he returned to India, he decided to direct a movie and directed the first movie Adavi Kachina Vennela. This movie got released in the year 2014. He not only directed the movie but even produced it.

This director hails from Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Vishwanatha Reddy is also planning to make a documentary on Kuchipudi. As a software professional, he worked for around eight countries in different locations including Kore, Sweden and Bangalore.

He thanked producer in one of his interviews for his support in releasing his movie. Akki felt that due to inexperience in cinefield he could not make the film with the expected budget, but he did not feel that filmmaking was tough. Akki did not learn filmmaking in any of the institutes rather he discovered it through online and bravely attempted his first movie.