Akki Viswanatha Reddy is a Tollywood movie director, who directed the movie "Adavi Kachina Vennela". Before becoming a director, he was a software professional, who left his job for pursuing his career interest as director. At his college days, Akki wrote a story and narrated to his friends, and they too liked his story. After he had completed his studies, he received a job offer abroad and started to work as a software professional. When he returned to India, he decided to direct a movie and directed the first movie Adavi Kachina Vennela. This movie got released in the year 2014. He not only directed the movie but even produced it.

This director hails from Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Vishwanatha Reddy is also planning to make a documentary on Kuchipudi. As a software professional, he worked for around eight countries in different locations including Kore, Sweden and Bangalore.

He thanked producer Dil Raju Dil Raju was bon in Narsingpally, Nizamabad Distri >> Read More... Dil Raju in one of his interviews for his support in releasing his movie. Akki felt that due to inexperience in cinefield he could not make the film with the expected budget, but he did not feel that filmmaking was tough. Akki did not learn filmmaking in any of the institutes rather he discovered it through online and bravely attempted his first movie.

A Karunakaran Telugu Actor

A Karunakaran

Born on 25th December 1971, Karunakaran completed polytechnics in 1989. After polytechnics, he proceeded to Madras where he worked as an assistant director under various other famous directors. Karunakaran is currently a director as well as a writer, who produced a lot of blockbuster hits. “Tholi Prema” starring Pawan Kalyan and Keerthi Reddy was Karunakaran’s directorial debut. The movie is a classic love story and is also known as one the best for both Pawan Kalyan’s and Karunakaran’s career. The film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu and around six Nandi Awards. The movie was a huge success and was played around the theatres for more than 365 days. Due to the reaction, Tholi Prema had on the box office, it was re-directed again by Karunakaran into a Hindi film, Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai and was dubbed in Tamil as Aanandha Mazhai. Karunakaran has his way of presenting the actors in his films though few of his movies didn’t make it through the box office; they had their own of way of getting across a variety of audience. A few of his movies including Vasu starring Venkatesh and Balu starring Pawan Kalyan were a moderate hit. However, they attracted the audience in a whole new level. His direction makes sure that both the lead actor and the actress gets enough importance and screen time. Rather than the general skin show that’s usually used to portray an actress, Karunakaran paints a picture of the lead actor that’s mesmerising to watch. Karunakaran has a hobby of painting, and he uses it to paint the pictures of the actress in a way that he wants to depict them in his movie. A few of his latest movies include Endukante Premanta starring Ram and Tamanna, the movie, however, was not a commercial hit. The movie though was a definite comeback for Ram, and there are quite a few that would give an outstanding performance to the movie for both the director and the actors. The last movie that Karunakaran directed till date was “Chinnadana Nee Kosam”, this movie had expectations to bring out the lead actor Nithin back on the race. However, those expectations went to the dump along with Nathan's career.