Suchitra Chandrobose

Other names of Suchitra Chandrobose: Suchitra Chandrabose

Suchitra Chandrobose is an Indian film choreographer. All her work has been based in the Telegu film industry. She is married to popular lyricist ‘Chandrobose’ and has even directed a movie in the Telegu industry. The first film she was a part of was the 1988 movie Aakhari Poratam, which means “The Final Battle” in English. It was a star-studded affair, featuring the likes of Akkineni Nagarjuna and popular actress ‘ Sridevi’. It was a success at the box office. The next movie that she worked on also starred Nagarjuna in the lead role; it was titled ‘Chaitanya’ and was released in 1991. Her next work was titled ‘ One By Two’ and it hit the screens in 1993.

The next movie she did choreography for was titled ‘Money’ and it also came on screens in the year 1993. Produced by Ram Gopal Varma, the film went on to see great success and even spawned two sequels. Meanwhile, Suchitra’s career started getting busier as the new millennium drew closer. 1994 saw her work hard in the movies ‘Gandeevam’ and ‘Teerpu’, whereas in 1995 she did choreography work for two movies that would eventually be classified as mega hits of the Telegu film industry: ‘ Gharana Bullodu’, a film that once again starred Nagarjuna and ‘ Vajram’, a remake of the Malayalam hit movie ‘Spadikam’.

As her stock grew, so did her workload; 1996 saw her work in no less than 3 different Telegu films. She was a part of the romantic film ‘Sampradayam’ as well as another Nagarjuna starrer titled ‘Ramudochadu’. She also worked in the award-winning comedy ‘Vindodam’ that featured ‘ Srikanth’ in the lead role. She continued working at a heavy rate, once again doing choreography duties for three different films. Her work rate reduced a fair bit as the millennium dawned, but she had by then already established herself as one of the most sought after choreographers in the Telegu film industry.

She even took a five year sabbatical from choreography work in 2003, only returning in 2008 to work in the film ‘Vanda’, which in itself was a remake of the Kannada hit movie ‘ Mungaru Male’. She then worked in the movie Jhummandi Naadam in 2010 and has since worked in two more films as a choreographer: Ra Ra Krishnayya in 2014 and Gopala Gopala in the year 2015. She also has a director’s credit to her name; she got behind the camera for the movie Pallakilo Pellikoothuru.