Geethika Telugu Actress

Geethika became popular after her performances in Aata 4 (juniors), a reality TV show directed by Omkar, which used to telecast onZee Telugu in 2009. Geethika has become a famous child artist in the Telugu TV industry. Geethika was born in 2006 in Rajamundy, Andhra Pradesh and started her career when she was three years old and became an instant hit because of her dance performances and cute looks. Geethika’s performanceson the songs “manasuna unnadi”, “pilichina ranantava” were super hit and brought her stardom overnight.

She won the winner title in Aata 4 (juniors) and then later in the next season of Aata juniors i.e. Aata 5, she worked as a mentor for other kids who performed and helped them get better and shine on the show. Instead being a kid in Aata 5, she learnt quickly and improved her mentoring skills through her experiences. While talking in an interview, she confessed that Mr. Omkar, director of Aata juniors, is one of the people she would never forget and that she will always have huge respect for him. Geethika had also created a signature name for one of the eminent judges,Sundaram master, calling him as “master thathaya”.

Since then every kid on the show called him with the same name.Geethika became the favorite child artist for all the Aata juniors’ viewers. After becoming a star on small screen, she also acted in a Telugu film, “Cara Majaka” and proved that she is good actor too. Not only in Telugu film industry, she has also acted in Tamil and Kannada movies, which are yet to be released. She always says that her success is only because of her hard work and love for the work that she does. Currently studying in eighth standard and continuing as achild artist in the industry, Geethika has a youger brother with whom she shares everything and confesses that they both do many the naughtiest things with their family.