P L Thenappan is an Indian Film Actor and Producer. He worked in the Tamil and Malayalam Film Industries. Thenappan initially started his career his as a Production Executive and Production Manager. He worked in many films as the production department. Some of them are Perum Pulli (1991), Suriyan Chandiran (1993), Muthu (1995), Pistha (1997), and a few more. He started his career as a producer with the film Kadhala Kadhala Kadhala Kadhala is an India soap opera in the Tami >> Read More... (1998). He later produced the films Pammal K Sambantham (2002), Punarjni (2002), Priyasakhi (2005), Ayyanar (2010), and a few more. He was fond of acting from the beginning. He also acted in small roles in the films Muthu (1995), Kurangu Bommai Click to look into! >> Read More... (2017), Balloon (2017), Sketch (2018), Madura Veeran Click to look into! >> Read More... (2018), and a few more.

Ramesh Reddy

Ramesh Reddy is a well know Telugu producer who recently shot to limelight because of the controversy surrounding the production of Malashri’s new movie, “Uppu Huli Kara”. The issue arose when the grapevine got ripe about the news stating that Ramesh Reddy would be replacing the initial production house for the film. This change of production was cited as the major reason for the film getting delayed. However, later, a spokesperson of Mr Reddy, confirmed that he would be looking after the general production of the film as an additional producer while the salaries of the employees and the payment of the actor’s remunerations would be done by the initial production house only. Mr Reddy has been associated with other major films also in the capacity of the main producer. These films include: “Saree Nee Istam”, “Pokkiri Mannan”, “Love in Hyderabad” etc. On being asked why he usually supports the first-time directors and has only recently ventured into working with established names, Mr Reddy told in response that he understands and appreciates the struggles of a new comer. Mr Reddy states that being a producer is not about having money alone, but that it requires meticulous decision making, else one will end up making huge losses, so much so that it would be difficult to recover. Mr Reddy says that when he started his venture, he definitely had the capital and this attracted many directors towards him but the key role was that he was very cautious about whom to choose for betting his money on. Mr Reddy further adds that in doing so, he did not really do anything out of ordinary. ‘Business sense’ as he calls it , is pure common sense which he feels that even the smallest of business people have. He says that he gets his inspiration of handling business from the small time vendors who have such major resources and yet manage everything so skillfully that they are eventually able to run their households efficiently at the very least. Mr Reddy says that he feels that there is a dire need of change in the way the Telugu movies are made. He says that Telugu cinema has seen some very baseless movies which were selling any random idea in the name of a movie, just because they had a star in it. He adds that now is the time when meaningful cinema is required, owing to the fast changing political and social environment and it would be an honour if his movies would be able to make even slight contribution to it.

Ramesh Reddy Tamil Actor