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Dj Rudy

DJ Rudy is an English Disco Jockey. He is based out of the United Kindom and resides in the city of Bristol. Rudy has had a glittering career of over a decade in the DJ circuit. He is known for playing an eclectic style of mix music and as the DJ Taboo in the party circuit. He has recently garnered attentions for his extensive performances in Disco, Boogie and House unforgettable classics. DJ Rudy’s love for Disco Jockeying started at the age of 13. His habit of manipulation of the pause button on a tape deck was nurtured into an art form of editing. He has also confessed that his love for music was established in the infamous Bristol parties of The Wild Bunch. This is how his journey in the world of DJs and mixing began. According to Rudy, his love for dancing and music helped him in anticipating the requirements of crowds and dance floors. He was a vinyl junkie and an avid dancer and hence, his fundamentals for rhythm and expertise of what the crowd responded to, were clear from an early age. Rudy confesses that he received his early knowledge about mixing from extensive listening of music and his presence in numerous parties. Observing their unique mixing of veteran 80's music, Judy learned the basics about scratching abilities. He then progressed from being a local break-dancer to a global DJ. Rudy bought his first pair of DJ equipment that is Technics Turntables SL1210 mk11’s in 1987 and began to practice his craft. Rudy self-taught him the skills of mixing and scratching in his bedroom and was playing in small gatherings within six months. He was fortunate to have played for years in a multitude of bars, clubs, and parties. He got numerous opportunities to showcase his abilities as a DJ in front of some big names in the Music Industry. DJ Judy has seen in appearances with some of the household names in the mixing industry like Mickey Finn, Top Buzz, Ratty, Easy Groove, Ellis Dee, DJ Food, Coldcut, DJ Krush and much more. In the year 2013, DJ Rudy collaborated with Mikee Freedom in an unprecedented attempt to organize two new music nights in Bristol called Groove St and Shack Out. It was heavily influenced by Soul, Hip Hop, Funk and Reggae. He also performed his new sound in numerous festivals in the subsequent summers. According to Rudy, his biggest accomplishment was to represent his city’s stage at the Serbia’s Echo Festival in the year 2002. He performed in from of a crowd of 20,000.

Dj Rudy Tamil Actor