Sankar is the budding choreographer in Tamil movies. He is the dance master of the movie Naalu Peru Naalu Vidhama Pesuvaanga. There are three songs in the movie and Sankar has choreographed for the songs well. He says that they have shot a song sequence in Tenkasi, which equals a foreign background. Sankar entered the dance field, as he was very much impressed by Prabhu Deva.

He learnt the cinema dance in the dance school called Zack Zoom Guys. He left his studies half a way and joined the dance troupe. He moved all around with them and participated in all the culturals, which the troupe participated. Sankar is the relative of the budding actor Pawan, who has acted in many films as a Villain and some films as the hero. Pawan recommended Sankar to his media friends and seek the opportunity for him as a choreographer.

Sankar is in the cinema media for nearly two decades. He learnt cinema dance from Vasudevan master. Sankar assisted Vasudevan in choreography for the movie Vasuki, which has Ramji as the hero. From 2002, he started to assist Dinesh master, the popular choreographer. He has worked in Telugu movies too.

His first Tamil movie as an assistant to Dinesh master is Kadhal Sadugudu, by Vikram. He was also a part in the hit song Aal Thotta Boopathi by Vijay. He worked with Dinesh master for nearly a decade; till the movie Eesan, he assisted him. He has also acted in the film Sagakkal and Mai in small characters. He also acted in Raatinam, Sundaatam, Ragalai Puram and Chennayil Oru Naal in Tamil, Ustad Hotel Click to look into! >> Read More... Ustad Hotel in Malayalam, Breaking News and Rama Rama Raghu Rama in Kannada.

Apart from the movie Naalu peru Naalu Vidhama Pesuvaanga, he also did choreography in the movies 49 O, Demonte Colony Click to look into! >> Read More... Demonte Colony , Naalu Police um Nalla Irundha Oorum.