Pari is a child actor who got an acclaim for his role in Prithvi Konanur's award-winning movie ' Railway Children'. Director Prithvi trained all the child artists who were non-trained actors through the workshop he conducted and also made all child actors be the part of his rehearsal camp before ratifying the final take.

On screen, Pari had to look both childish and deeply troubled, his eyes narrow and sparkling as though he had seen the whole criminal world already. This fascinating and chilling moodiness recalls a more recent best child performance that never fails to amaze the critics.

After seeing the movie, one could understand the potential of the child actor Pari. The way the director trained Pari would make us only feel that acting is facile as a child because they need not have to move past self-doubt or even need not be afraid of what they are doing in front of the camera.

Hence, actor Pari played the role of Raju so smoothly that he resembled a real Raju in the railway station. It is not the method of those child actors who can only mug for the camera and remain cute on screen. His look, body language was terrific and bold!

Pari was the star of the film, but director Prithvi instinctively knows, how to serve the story first and not to make it all about the lead role. And perhaps it’s for the best since he is the only director who could have done magical things with Pari and another actor Manohara’s exceptional stone face. This movie was a real milestone in their career.

Child actors’ performances often deserve far greater recognition than critics or jury accord them for. The film ‘Railway Children’ and one would fail if he or she doesn’t mention the non-actor local kids in this movie.

Manohara K Tamil Actor

Manohara K

Manohara K is the teen actor of the movie ‘Railway Children’ who won accolades for the whole team in a National Film Festival and even at the various International Film Festivals. He is the discovery of the director Prithvi Konanur who also wrote the screenplay of the movie. This film fetched Manohara K National and State awards for Best Child Artist.  It’s such a singular performance in a movie full of great ones. The director Prithvi was on the lookout for an actor who could resemble the look, style, and even body languages for the character of Jillu. But now, he wants to complete his studies first, earn a degree and they would think twice about acting. It is said that actually, director Prithvi Konanur had to convince him to play the role. The director even promised him that he would prepare him for his part through extensive training. Manohara began attending a week-long workshop. Later, he was taught the importance of rehearsals before he could arrive at the actual shot. A minimum of three practice sessions was taken up before a final shot. That is how a non-trained performer won the national award just through getting tips from the director. Even Manohara was bowled by the narration of the script. It is true like all children who travel by train, he too had witnessed those arduous conditions faced by children in platforms and even at railway coaches. But he got to know more about their lifestyle only after working in the movie with other cast and crew of the film department. It was through this film, he got a first-hand knowledge of their trials and tribulations of their lives. Manohara plays the role of a gang member of railway kids whose life is settled in railway platform and who is addicted. He knows all the tricks and trades of living on the railway platform. His role revolves around with another co-star Pari. In the movie, one of the things to be observed is  Manohara’ s face and his body language. His every step in walking or running on the platform with co-star Pari is filled with purpose and each of his gazes means something. We cannot imagine any other child actor in his place who can maintain such a craggy look in his eyes while observing the other characters in the movie. Manohara simply leaves us speechless. It is no surprise that he has grown into one of the most splendid and accomplished actors of his generation.