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Shree Sanjevi Raja Swamigal Tamil Actor

Shree Sanjevi Raja Swamigal

Shree Sanjevi Raja Swamigal is an astrologer. He lives in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. He grew up in Thandalam until the family shifted to the silk town of Kancheepuram. He continued his schooling in Kancheepuram. He confronts an elderly astrologer with a parrot on the way to his school one day. His attachment grew as he started interacting with him. Though the astrologer was senior but called him "Swamy," with folded hands. His parents were worried and urged him to concentrate on his education. He gained a profound knowledge of astrology and spiritual awareness in his yogic life. One day, the astrologer whom he frequently visited was not there at his usual place. Feeling the absence of his old friend, he searched for him. The loss had an impact of longing in his heart, and he started meeting many sadhus, sanyasis, and mystics to fill the void. When his parents came to know about their son’s off-campus activities, they prevented him from going to school. During this time he was introduced to a sadhu. He was associated with this sadhu for many years, where he served him with dedication and selfless devotion. He acknowledged that Swamiji had been an eminent saint in his previous life with immense power and that he had performed many miracles. His knowledge and abilities had been of great benefit to the people around him. With his future clearly defined, he sought permission from his parents to permit him to lead an ascetic life as instructed by his guru. He started learning Vedic citation. His father’s health was deteriorating so he was called back home to Kancheepuram. His father wanted that he should get married. His sadhu instructed him not to disrespect his parents’ wishes and fulfill their requests. He got married to a young girl named Suguna. He also became the father of two sons; unfortunately, his father was not destined to partake in his son’s happiness and passed away without seeing his grandsons. But he fulfills his father’s wish. He had the responsibility of his family and everyday life to carry. His financial needs and that of his family remained unfulfilled, and he found himself in poverty. His wife always helps and supported him wholeheartedly in his spiritual endeavors. His service was undeniably much required and appreciated by the people who benefitted through them. He started applying all he had learned during his search for knowledge, from astrology to Vedic practices and medicines to serve and heal the people around him. His awareness of miracles and teachings grew. He started practicing deep meditation arduously. He devoted his life to practicing the yogic sciences in remote locations in mountain caves. He always helped the public who have come to him for protection. He has solved their problems which seemed impossible to resolve. Today he interacts with people. He continues his service with great devotion to solve the problem of people who came to him. He also appears on famous TV channels.