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Suresh Chakravarthy was born on March 30. He attended DAV Boys Senior Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for his high school education. He also finished college at the University of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. From a young age, he was inclined to pursue his dream of appearing on the big screen. Since he was a teenager, he has had a deep enthusiasm for food. He is an Indian actor and director who has primarily worked in the Tamil cinema industry. After marriage, Suresh moved to Australia with Sirikala, a woman from Chennai. They had a son who was born and raised in Australia. They are a contented couple who cherish each second of their life together. Homemaker Sirikala decides to support Suresh through every stage of his life. Johnny, their son, is also employed in the Tamil film industry. Actor Suresh Chakravarthy began his career in the South Indian entertainment sector.

In the 1991 film Azhagan, when he made his acting debut, he performed in the romantic drama film Kanimozhi. Since then, he has been in numerous additional South Indian films, including Raasi, Vaali, Citizen, and villain. Over 50,000 people subscribe to his Chak's Kitchen YouTube channel, which he owns. He posts delectable recipes to his channel. Suresh opened his restaurant in Australia and made his wife his permanent resident. He co-starred in the reality series Bigg Boss Tamil 4 with Gabriella, Aajeedh Khalique, and Ramya Pandian. An Indian film director, producer, writer, and YouTuber named Suresh Chakravarthy.

He produces and performs Tamil movies primarily through his production firm, NIC Arts. In most of his films, he selects Ajith Kumar to play the lead role. In his movie Renigupta, Suresh cast his son Johnny as an actor. For his work as a filmmaker and film producer, Chakravarthy is well-known in the Tamil cinema industry. In 1991, he made his acting debut in K Balachander's drama, Azhagan. While working as an actor and producer, he is well known for his YouTube cooking channel, Chak's Kitchen. He publishes his delectable dishes on the website.


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