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Aswathy Ashok Kumar

Malayalam Social Media Influencer Aswathy Ashok Kumar
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Aswathy Ashok Kumar is a Malayalam social media influencer from Kerala, India. She is also called Aswi, the nickname her fans gave her. She is popular on YouTube on the channel “Aswi Malayalam.”  She is a pre-eminent Vlogger who makes videos and vlogs in the fashion and beauty niche. She often attends events and stays available for collaborations with different brands. Aswathy Ashok Kumar has also received an Internal Influencer Excellence Award in 2022. Besides, she was part of Trendsetters’ 22 Influencers Meet & Awards, which happened on 13th November 2022. She is a new face for the LuLu fashion Store as she has acted in their commercial film, a shopping marathon available until 8th January 2024. Aswathy Ashok Kumar is a happy-living married woman. Her husband’s name is Vivek, and they reside in Kerala, India.


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