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Shafiqu Rahiman Malayalam Actor

Shafiqu Rahiman

Shafiqu Rahiman P A is a Malayalam actor, best recognized for his portrayal of a Bengali worker in the movie Amar Akbar Anthony. Born on September 1 in the city of Ernakulam, he completed his studies from St. Joseph’s EMHS in Thrikkakara. Further, he attended St. Paul’s College in Kalamassery. He is married to Shabna and has three lovely children. After completing college, his professional career involved a bank job in Dubai. Later he established a career in modeling where he worked with other, now well-known people like Asin, Jyothirmayi, and Ranjini Haridas. He had been part of the movie Pookkalam Varavayi where he appears as a child actor. He used modeling as a step towards his acting career and hence has been part of many creative ventures like James Bond, Central Jail(2014), Korattipattanam Railway Gate(2011), Ancharakalyanan, Lelam, Beyond the Borders, Target, Cinema company, Black Ticket. He has proved his versatility and adapted to different and diverse roles in all these movies, but he decided to take a short break from work after Black Ticket and Cinema Company as he felt that working in films was not very conducive for a newcomer like him. He soon made his comeback with the movie Oru Soapetty Katha( 2013), directed by Hafiz Ismail with whom he also worked in Korattipattanam Railway Gate. After this, he acted in She Taxi(2015) and then came Amar Akbar Anthony(2015) under the direction of Nadirsha, which fetched him tremendous appreciation both critically and from the masses. He portrayed the character of a Bengali laborer with certain negative traits. What was interesting was the fact that Shafiqu had no dialogues in the entire film. He lured kids with his smile and molested them. So convincing was his acting, that many people believed that he was actually a Bengali. Shafiqu was awarded the NP ABU Memorial award in 2015 following his outstanding performance and also felicitated by Nadrika for Amar Akbar Anthony. It is after this successful film that he quit his job to pursue acting full time. A Tamil remake of the film is also possibly underway, casting him in the same role. His recent feature is in 369 which releases in 2018. Apart from acting, Shafiqu has a keen interest in sports, especially cricket. He is an active participant of the Celebrity Cricket League as a pace bowler and admits that even though it took a lot of practice and sweat in making it to the team, he kept at it. He is a part of the team Kerala Strikers and extremely passionate about the game.


Antony Varghese

Antony Varghese, of Angamaly Diaries, is pleased that he got selected to retain his position in Angamaly instead of taking an aircraft to Singapore. Or else, this new chap who generated a Tsunami of all kinds in Mollywood with his entrance in the cult flick would have taken a seat in an agency at Singapore organizing logistics for some Multi-million corporation. He had two choices— either to transfer to Singapore or to halt at Angamaly and expect his chance for the big opening in the cinemas. His parentages—Alphonsa and Varghese — had spent wealth on his educations. And he supposed that if he could forfeit this post-graduation due to his obsession with flicks, why not the Singapore job! That choice turned out to be correct and got him an opportunity to meet manager Lijo Jose Pellissery. He had viewed a short picture in which he had depicted the hero. He was initially cast in an insignificant role in Angamaly Diaries and only on the first day of the film got to know that he was the lead artist. It was the biggest shock of his life a local of Kavaraparambu in Angamaly. The title of the show is ‘Katta Local,’ and the actor was certainly a kattar local man in Angamaly,he states with the recently famous charming smile. Antony’s performing stretch in short flicks began on his days at the Maharaja’sUniversity, Ernakulam,his acquaintances led some of these pictures. He is flying high that he got the chance to take baby footsteps across a movie that has traversed all clichés of the business with its adaptable storyline, screenplay, and management. Satisfied as a part of a picture that has inscribed a new episode in the commerce. The shoot began on October 11, and he very enthusiastic because it was his birth date. What was tough was not confronting the lens, but receiving the kicks and hits during the fight scenes. He feels humorous now, he was booted and beaten a lot by the performers. Antony is presently busy appearing at publicity events of Angamaly Diaries at many academic institutions. Since its publicized, he had calls from numerous managers and authors, and he has kept all those waiting until April. Till then, there is only Angamaly for this Karan from Angamali. Antony Varghese does not seem to be sympathetic to the actor who trusts in working as hard as he can to influence people all around him. While most novices would be dying to sign their next, particularly after a chartbuster r entrance like Angamaly Diaries, Antony has opposed that trend and waited patiently for five months to zero in on his second flick. His forth coming film is an action page-turner helmed by newcomer Tinu Pappachan, who was leading the companion manager of Angamaly Diaries. It also consists of Lijo Jose Pellissery, Chemban Vinod, and B Unnikrishnan assisting the scheme.

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