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Hailing from Kerala, India Priyanandanan is a film and drama director. He was born to father Thottipparambil Ramakrishnan and mother Kochammini. Priyanandanan began his career as a performer on stage. His profession took-off as a female character. Afterward, he started into a course of stage shows. He used the stage name of Priyan Vallachirain his performances.His film career began under famed directors K. R. Mohanan, and Manilal. He initiated shooting numerous documentaries and biopic shorts, which consists of Man or Manninum Manushyanum Vendiyulla Samarangal (about Comrade Achudanandan). Jana Nayakan was based on E. K. Nayanar, Gurunathan (the movie was on the Sanskrit writer K P C Narayanan Bhattathiri), and Thrissur Jillayile Samara Charithrangalor The History of Strikes in Thrissur District. His first flick was Neythukaran (2001) it described the struggling life of a common folk, an enthusiast of E. M. S. who expires the day after his idol perishes. Murali (a Malayalam artist) won the National Award for the Best Actor for Neythukaran. Priyan has also written several TV movies comprising of four short flicks based on M. T. Vasudevan Nair’s short tales, and Dead People’s Sea (MarichavarudeKadal) by Asokan Cheruvil. Priyanandanan likes to make films that compel the viewer to think. As an established director, Priyanandanan's pictures like ‘Neythukaran’ and ‘Pulijanmam' got his credentials as a filmmaker. The likes of which who do not see cinema only as a method to satisfy the box office. While ‘Pulijanmam' won the National honor for the best characteristicmoviein 2006, the former actor Murali achieved the National Award for Best Actor for his feat in ‘Neythukaran.' Priyanandanan's most recent movie ‘Sufi Paranja Katha' is centered on writer K.P. Ramanunni's award-winning narrative of the same name. The flick has Sharbani Mukherjee in the character of Karthi, an upper-class Hindu lady from a feudal upbringing who changes her faith after she falls in love with Maamootty, portrayed by Prakash Bare. The film depicts the complications the couple has to tackle as Karthi finds it problematic to bridge her traditional background and her current conditions. The movie broadcasted in the contest section of the International Film Fest of Kerala 2009. For instance, if he feels a song adds to the overall effect of making a good flick Priyanandanan would not mind using it. Most of the time his thoughts are not at peace with what has usually been accepted by ordinary folk, but he tries his best trying to put his 100% into the films that he creates.

Priyanandanan Malayalam Actor