Manoj Kana is an Indian film director, popular amongst the audience for his work in movies like Chayilyam (2012) and Amoeba (2016). Mostly known for his predominant involvement in Mollywood movies, dramas, and Malayalam TV shows, he has often been praised for his managing skills and creativity in the sequences. In 2012, Manoj made his directorial debut with the drama movie Chayilyam, starring M.R. Gopakumar, Chempil Asokan Chempil Asokan is an Indian film and television ac >> Read More... Chempil Asokan , and Anumol K Manoharan.

Four years later, he came up with yet another drama film titled Amoeba, starring Aneesh Menon, Anumol K Manoharan, and Indrans alongside him. The amount of exposure he got through his stint at the theatres certainly helped him all this time.