Life usually is unexpected, and it takes a turn when we least expect it. Sanjeev Pazhoor’s life has been nothing but a series of unpredictable events and opportunities. From being an Indian novelist to screenwriter and a director and then a government employee, Sanjeev has been actively associated with the Indian Film Industry. Sanjeev Pazhoor was born on 8th April in the year 1974.

He is married to Deepa Sanjeev and, the couple is blessed with two children. At the start of his adventurous journey In the film Industry, Sanjeev, worked as a senior sub editor for Deshabhimani Daily. Sanjeev’s first film as screen writer was ‘Swaoaanam.’ This incredible piece of work had been released in the year 2014. It is a Malayalam Film and was jointly screen written by Hari Krishnan Hari Krishnan, popularly called as Hari is an Indi >> Read More... Hari Krishnan and Sanjeev. He has also been a part of a short film ‘Chod’ released in the year 2011. For his next venture, Sanjeev announced that he was debuting as a director in the movie ‘Pun Muttai,’ but then it was later rumoured to be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Sanjeev as director and screenwriter artist has worked in films as well as documentaries producing a wide range of work. One of his notable work is ‘Agni Saksiyade Sakshi’ which is based on the novel ‘Agni Sakshi’ by Lalithambika. He has also directed a documentary titled ‘Sangeetham M.K. Arjuna’ in the year 2015. As a screen writer his works include ‘Thondi Muthalum Dhirksaksshiyum’(released in the year 2013), ‘Swayam: Selfless’(released in the year 2017) and ‘Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo’(released in the year 2019).

He has received several awards for his creative and interesting play-writing such as the National Film Award for screenwriting in the year 2018 and Kerala State Film Award for Screenplay. Currently, Sanjeev Pazhoor works for the Kerala Government in Thiruvananthapuram as the assistant Cultural Affair at Tagore Theatre for the department of information and Public relations.