Sometimes you are just a born artist. You would never be trained in that nor would you have gone to school.  Young Minon John Baby is one such child artist who has done an exemplary performance in his debut movie itself. The 2012 flick 101 Chodyangal is the film that made Minon reach heights at a young age of 12. The film dealt with a 10-year old guy’s quest to get answers to 101 queries. 

Other than 101 Chodyangal the films in which Minon acted are Munnariyappu, Shaastri, Jilebi, and Ennum Eppozhum. 

Minon once told that he had no intention to enter the film industry, and it was just an accident. He also added that he aspired to become a talented captain of the ship like director Venu. Venu had directed Minon in the film Munnariyappu, where the young artist had shared screen space with the legendary Mammootty. 

It is indeed a surprise that this super-talented artist had never been to school. He gained knowledge through books, his life experiences, and communication with others. Minon also shared his knowledge about arts, Mathematics, Environment, and Literature to college students and school students. He also took classes for MBA and B.ed students. 

Minon says that his idea of going to the film sets without any preconceived notions got him the award. 

There is no iota of doubt that Minon is supremely talented. His paintings were showcased in 65  exhibitions. He has done a whopping amount of  4000  paintings at such a young age. Minon has also taken mural painting classes. 
Mini and John Baby are the parents of Minon, and they are also artistes; John Baby is a sculptor-craftsman and Mini being a painter. They were quite firm that they should not impose Minon with school lessons until his 10th year. Minon’s parents encouraged him and his sibling Mintu to be self-taught. Minon has wise perspectives in his life. 

Born on February 12, 2000, Minon belongs to Alappuzha. An educational certificate is not at all a problem for him since he has the confidence of his self-taught abilities. Minon got used to writing and reading at his fourth age. His parents give full support to Minon. 

Minon had no problem facing the light for his debut film. He had full hope on the director. Apart from films, Minon is also inclined towards the theatre. 

Minon is greatly fascinated towards Malayalam literature. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Born on January 21, 1908, in Kottayam district, Ke >> Read More... Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is his ideal author besides Mark Twain, Charles Dickens The world-renowned British writer and social criti >> Read More... Charles Dickens , and Victor Hugo. Travel is also an interest of this multi-talented guy.