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Indra Sinha

Indra Sinha is an author. Born in the 1950s in the suburbs of Colaba, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He comes from a mixed lineage, his father was an officer posted in the Indian Navy, while his mother was an English writer who wrote under the pseudonym of Rani Sinha Indra studied at the Mayo College situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan and also received his education from Oakham School in Rutland, England. He went on to study English literature at the Pembroke College, Cambridge. He currently resides in Sussex with his wife and three children. Before he began his career in writing, he worked as a copywriter at a firm called Ogilvy and Mather in London; he then quit it to join Collett Dickenson Pearce and Partners. Indra eventually turned out to be one of the best copywriters that Britain ever had, and he is still known for his material based on charities like Amnesty. He had a way of punching the guts of people with pity. While doing the same, he felt that his job was shallow and not appropriate, he wanted to use his talents for giving voice to people. He helped to translate Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra from Sanskrit to English. He even detailed a fictional monograph based on the origins of Tantrism. After this, in 1999, he published his first non-fiction memoir called The Cybergypsies, which was the narration of before internet made a boom. He became famous for his book Animal’s People. The book fetched him a Man Booker nomination in 2007 and also won the Award at Commonwealth Writer’s Symposium for Europe and South Asia. The book Animal’s People is a retelling of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy incident. He had come in contact with the victims of the tragedy during the days when he was advertising for Bhopal Medical Appeal. Apart from writing books, he also used his time to translate the Indian Sanskrit texts to English so as to spread the wisdom of the East as much as possible. His book, The Death of Mr. Love, was a masterpiece based on the life of KM Nanavati, he followed the case closely and converted it into a courtroom drama with the magic of his words. Indra is a very vocal critic of the Dow Chemical Company and its branch Union Carbide, which was responsible for the disaster. He works passionately and relentlessly to try and help the victims and the martyrs gain justice. He considers his mentor, Mulk Raj Anand, to be his inspiration and believes that he would not have been a writer had he not had his support.


Sudip Sharma

Sudip Sharma, a 2002 IIM-Ahmedabad pass out who has worked with some of the biggest giants of the FMCG sector had a career so high on laying golden eggs that a normal person would not even think of having an alternate career which might become an experiment turned disastrous and ruin the financials too! But then there are men like Mr Sharma who have the guts and take the risks head on. Luckily for him, even though his first project as a screenplay-writer, Abhishek Bachchan starrer- Players turned into a debacle, yet NH-10 and Udta Punjab gave him the golden opportunity to prove his mettle; something that he so brilliantly achieved. Sudip comes from a humble middle class family based out of Guwahati, a place where he spent his childhood and fanned his passion for movies by watching movies at the Apsara Cinema, Paltan Bazaar, at home on Doordarshan and finally watching the Bruce Lee movie in the form of the VHS tapes which could be rented out of the money he used to get as pocket money. He did his graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University, post which he moved on to pursue his MBA at Indian Institute if Management, Ahmedabad which for most of us is the dream college. Sharma says that owing to the conventional middle class culture, he had the options of either becoming a CA or going for MBA. He tried for CA but soon got bored and went to pursue MBA instead. But, a sales profession was not his calling and after a few years of toiling on the field, he decided to try his luck at movies. Before Players happened, Sharma was also involved in the screenplay writing for ‘Semshook”, which is the story of a Tibetan boy born in India in an exile. This movie got him critical acclaim across the nations as it travelled to and was awarded at various international festivals. It was Semshook that got him his first Bollywood project, Players. He says that the IIM-A cultural upbringing came in handy because he had been used to such hardships and struggles that the debacle of Players did not bog him down. Sharma says that when he looks at his bank accounts, he does feel like swapping them with his batchmates but then when he wakes up in the morning with the feeling that he is doing what he always wanted to, it is more than worth it. NH10 and Udta Punjab have already won him the praise he deserved and we wish him more of it in the coming future.

Sudip Sharma Hindi Actor