Dr. Popular Meeruthi is the singer. He is a singer and also a poet.. He wrote many poets in the Urdu language. He contains a band and orchestra too. He is well known as Ejaz popular. He also wrote some books based onthe Urdu language also. He always had his heart set on music. Even though he is an Indian citizen, he is well known by many of the people in the world by his poets and his songs.

He was born on 9th August 1953(64 years), Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.he wrote many poems in Urdu language and he is well as international Urdu poet. He is the author of eight Nazm’s, which inspired most of the people all over the world. He is the son of Mr. Syed Nizamuddin Shah and his mother Mrs. Syeda Akhtari Begum. He Studied at Meerut College Meerut, class of 1980, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi , India. He currently resides in New Delhi, India. He works as a poet and writer, his writings are well known all over the world and some are funny too. He is still an unmarried person.

He his sacrificed his life to the poems. He has brother Mr. Syed Saleemuddin Shah, he spends most of the time with their children’s. Many literary and cultural organizations which are well known have honored him. His eight nazim’s are “aaTHwanshauhar,” “aigham-e-dilkyakarunaiwahshat-e-dilkyakarun,” an-jaana Dar,” “dakuonki conference”, etc. His eight nazim’s are available in the online also. At present, he is not having any life events.

His main life event is to become a poet and author, and he successfully reached his target. Popular Meeruthi is famous Urdu Poet internationally. He mainly prefers the language Hindi. He is also the author of a book.