Poile Sengupta Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 1948

Poile Sengupta is a veteran Indian writer and playwright, especially known for her children’s books. She has been a school teacher, college lecturer, communication and language skills consultant and a teacher for Montessori school children. Her real name is Ambika Gopalakrishnan. She wrote her first play in 1993, Mangalam. The play acquired many praises and also won an award for the most socially relevant theme in the Hindu-Madras players Playscripts competition. She continued her writing work with Inner Laws (1994), A Pretty Business (1995) and Collages (1998). She also wrote many children’s books like The Exquisite Balance (1985), The Way Click to look into! >> Read More... The Way to My Friend’s House (1988) and the Story of the Road (1993). She is prominent children book writing and has earned great fame during this period. She also wrote various children columns, ‘A Letter for You’, which was one of the longest running. She also established herself as an actor by acting in film ‘The Outhouse’ and ‘Shaitaan’.

She is a founder of a Theatre Club of a Bangalore-based theatre group. Her thinking was always out of the box, which helped her venture in different fields. She has the position of a Member of Society, which is a Governing Council of National School of Drama in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . She has also been a jury of Trinity College, London for the International competition of plays. She has been appointed thrice as a jury at Trinity College. She always had a keen eye for writing and also wrote her novel, Inga on October 2014. Her versatility always made her do diverse things as she occasionally wrote short fiction. She was shortlisted for the 2012Commonwealth Short Story Prize for ‘Ammulu’. She has always amazed the world with her work and hope to continue her work in all fields. She is an inspiration for many young apprentices who want to learn theater.