Andrew Bicknell Hindi Actor

Andrew Bicknell, whose official name is Andrew Dean Bicknell, is a British actor and voice cover artist, who was born on 17th June 1956 in Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom. He has acted in quite a few British and American movies and television shows. He has also begun to act in Bollywood films. Both the Bollywood films Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Dhoom 3: Back in Action star Andrew Bicknell. Andrew Bicknell got interested in acting and joined the Webber Douglas Academy, London and trained in the Classics. He then started his career at the BBC and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre simultaneously. He has acted in some English films which include Fords on Nightmare (1983), Hope and Glory (1987), A Dog of Flanders (1999), The Dark Knight (2008), After Dark (2010), 31 North 62 East (2009), etc.

He has also acted in even more television shows, a few of which are To Serve Them All My Days (1981), Jane Eyre (1983), Star Trek Click to look into! >> Read More... Star Trek : The Next Generation (1990), Murphy's Law (2004), Casualty (2011), World Without End (2012), etc. The TV show World Without End is still under production. This show has been widely accepted and highly rated by the audience.

His first appearance on television was on the show To Serve Them All My Days which got out in 1981. His role has been praised by critics. Andrew Bicknell became widely known for playing the likeness and voice of as James Bond in the video game 007: Agent Under Fire. For some reason, Andrew Bicknell's casting as the voice of Pierce Brosnan was not heavily reported at that time. He is a part of another video game The Weakest Link by being the voice artist for Contestants. He lives with his wife Alexandra in Surrey, Canada.

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