Tabassum is an Indian Actress and reality show Judge. She is Beautiful and good personality person. She is kind and peaceful in nature. Tabassum was born in Mumbai during the time of Independence. Her parents are Ayodhyanath Sachdev and Asghari Begum. Both of them were a freedom fighter while her mother was also a journalist and an author. Her mother gave her name Kiran Bala and her father gave her name Tabassum. Both the name Religious sentiments. Her original name used in the certificate is Kiran Bala Sachdev. Her stage names are "Tabassum" and "Baby Tabassum," use in Indian industry. She was married to Arun Govil Arun Govil was born on 12 January 1958 in Ramnagar >> Read More... Arun Govil . They have one son name Hoshang Govil Hoshang is an actor from India. His parents are Vi >> Read More... Hoshang Govil , who is also an actor, and his three lead movies are Tum par hum Qurbaan in 1985 and Kartoot in 1987 and Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeah in 1996. Tum Par Hum Qurbaan was produced and directed by his mother, Tabassum. She also has one Grand-daughter name Khushi; she is also an actress, and her movie was Hum Phir Mile Na Mile. When She was three-year-old, she appeared in her first debut movie Mera Suhag as a child actor in 1947. The Same year she made more debut film which is Nargis and Manjhdhar. After two years she came in movie Bari Behan in which she played a role of the child actress.

Later she came in her next film Deedar in 1951.The Same year she came in next famous movie Bajju Bazar, which was directed by Vijay Bhatt Vijay Bhatt was an Indian producer and director. H >> Read More... Vijay Bhatt . At the age of 28, she organized his television show which runs on Doordarshan Kendra. The name of the serial was Phool Khile Hain Gulshan, which was ran for 21 years in Doordarshan. In this Show, she took the interview of film celebrities. She was also a magazine editor. She wrote Grihalaxmi for 15 years which a Hindi women magazine and some jokes also. She wrote and directed a picture name as Tum Par Hum Qurban. She also played the role in T V serials and some T V serials are Pyaar Ke Do Naam, Ek Radha Ek Shyaam. She came again in 2009 in T V reality show Ladies Special Qaeed Kuwajerwala, renowned director in Indian tel >> Read More... Ladies Special , which ran on Zee TV. Currently- she is doing a TV show in USA and Canada.