Samina is a Pakistani actress, director, producer, and a stage performer. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan on 11th February 1950. She is a household name in the Indian as well as Pakistani entertainment industry. As an actress, she debuted in channel PTV’s plays. She is famous for some comedy drama Akkar Bakkar, Such Gup, Taal Matol, etc. She went forward in her career through movies like Naraz in 1983 and Dukhtar in 2014.

She continued doing TV dramas like Alif Noon, Pani Jaisa Pyar Pani Jaisa Pyar belonged to drama genre. It is ori >> Read More... Pani Jaisa Pyar , Aakhri Baarish, Family Front, etc. Samina is a versatile actress and has done various types of roles. She has also contributed to the industry as a director and a producer. She is a well-liked face on the channel PTV. She worked as a director for Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore. She established her own Salima Ahmad Productions, which produced Family Front. She has won innumerous accolades for her contributions to the industry.

She won the Indus Drama Award for the Best Actress in a Sitcom and Best Director in 1999 by PTV.