Ishita Ganguly Hindi Actress

Ishita Ganguly is an Indian television actress known for her role in 2014 television series Shastri Sisters Shastri Sisters are a family drama of Indian Telev >> Read More... Shastri Sisters . Ishita Ganguly was born in 1995 in Kolkata, West Bengal. Before venturing into Hindi television serials, she was featured in Bengali serials like Achena Manus and Ekti Chotto Meyer. Ishita Meyer has been acting on the television serials very early on from the age of thirteen.

According to media reports, Ishita Menon landed her first break in Indian serial via social networking site Facebook. Producers of Shastri Sisters made a contact via Facebook and requested for her video portfolio. Impressed by her body of work and screen presence, the produced requested her for final screen test. She went to Mumbai and impressed the producers and landed the role in the serial.

In Shastri Sisters, she plays the role of the second sisters among the four Shastri sisters. Her character is of a homely girl who acts as a mother figure of the household.

In spite of being from Kolkata, her Hindi is impeccable. She plays a Kanpuri girl in the serial Shastri Sisters. To get her accent correct, she is working with a Hindi teacher. Her brother Sumanta Ganguly is a casting director.