Typically the story of TV serial actress Debashree Biswas has been representative of the struggles one faces in this field, with each new entrant, ever yearning to find herself at a front spot of the myriad of characters that now adorn the multiple channels. Looking at the ups and downs in her career, it was perhaps natural for her to mould herself on practical lines and grab any chance that came her way to move ahead in her chosen career. However, reminiscing back, Debashree, who does not come from a very lavish background, regrets that although her first love was dancing, she is still to master it and complete the course in Kathak that she had embarked on. She had to forego dancing, considering her compulsions to pursue a career in acting, hoping to catch up later when she had the resources and “breathing time”.  

Having reached a particular threshold in her acting career, with her role in the currently running Star Plus serial “Suhani Si Ek Lakdi”, Debashree has demonstrated enough staying powers, considering the hurdles and disappointments she had to face in her career thus far. Displaying patience, resoluteness and the ability to network well with her colleagues and co stars, she has been able to hold on to her ambition to make it to the front lines one day. The biggest upset she must have faced was being shunted from a lead role almost towards the beginning of her career. That happened when she was offered the lead role in the sequel to the popular DD serial “ Chandrakanta”, but the serial going off the air after just three months. Something similar happened to her for her next serial too. Once again she bagged the lead role and went ahead with the shooting of 24 episodes. This time the channel itself went off the air, after only the first 4 shows could be aired. What made things worse for her was that being under contract with the production team she could not switch over before another year. Her battle with circumstances continued for well over 2 years, during which time she tried to sustain herself appearing only in episode based shows like the crime fiction offerings “ Arjun” on Star Plus and “ Fear Files” on Zee TV. Not to be disheartened she also utilized her spare time to brush up her acting by joining Kreating Charakters (KC), an acting training institute of some repute.

With her current role of Menka in “ Suhani Si Ek Ladki” she seems quite enthusiastic about her character in the serial; it is having shades of comic as well negativism – something which she had not done before. This challenge has provoked her to give off her best, and she believes her stint with the acting institute, which ended just before her entry into this serial, would stand her in good stead, not only in this role, but also hopefully in a lead role in future.