Nikhil Chopra Hindi Actor

Nikhil Chopra was born in 1974 in Calcutta. He is one of the most talented and imaginative performance artists in the world. Nikhil grew up in a family of artists, his grandfather was a fantastic painter at the time, Yog Raj Chopra. At his home, there were several paintings of his grandpa hung on the wall and Nikhil would often stare at them for hours. He saw them as windows into the other world and many of the characters that Nikhil portrays are also based upon his grandfather and his famous paintings.

Nikhil completed his graduation in the field of commerce but had absolutely no interest in working in the corporate world. He then decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist and got selected in the prestigious Ohio State University, USA and he studied Fine Arts. He did his Masters in Fine Arts.

Upon completing his masters, Nikhil started acting in theatre. Nikhil always saw himself as more than just an actor and his interests include painting, acting, photography and sculpting. The work he does is vivid and ambiguous.


One of the unique attractions about Nikhil is that he doesn’t just perform at theatres. Some of his most exceptional performances have been in art galleries and museums. He is a perfectionist, Nikhil would get into a character and then truly immerse himself into that character. Nikhil would change his get up, be the character and roam around cities in that character.

In May 2009, Nikhil played the character of Yog Raj Chitrakar, a role that was loosely based on the Colonial past of India and also took some inspirations from his grandfather. During his live performance, Chopra performed for a whopping 96 hours playing the same character; he resided at the Les Brigittines, where he painted and also performed. Such is the desire of acting and immersive nature that Chopra has.

In 2019, Chopra participated in the highly prestigious MetLiveArts Fall Programme. Chopra not only provided paintings but also performed Live in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York .