Jeetu Shivhare Hindi Actor
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Jeetu Shivhare is an Indian television actor, who became famous after donning the role of Gadha Prasad, a dumb servant, in the comedy show, Chidiya Ghar Chidiya Ghar is an Indian Hindi Entertainment Come >> Read More... Chidiya Ghar , which started airing on SAB TV from 2011 till present.
He spent his childhood in Agra, where his family is currently residing. Jeethu had a diploma in catering, however, his interest in theatre has pushed him to act, direct and write plays. Until one day, Chidiya Ghar came to him and made his life fabulous.
Initially, he did not like his character as Gadha Prasad, but the director approached him and narrated his role in detail, he joined the show, and his character became the most popular among the other cast of the show. This serial marked his debut in television. Rumors are stating that the actor has quit the show because he is not happy with how his character is shaping up. 
Also, due to the non-stop shooting, he got sick most of the time, and that’s why rumors started that the actor is quitting the show. But when he made a comeback after a brief hiatus, he made a bang by playing a dual role as Gadha Prasad and his brother, Mendak Prasad. 
Jeethu is an ardent follower of Lord Hanuman, and he believes that the Hindu God is taking his illnesses away. Jeetu acted in the Bollywood comedy films, C Kkompany in the year 2008, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge in 2010 and this year’s comedy and social drama film, Uvaa. 
He wants to continue working in television rather than films and stated that he will never leave this medium for movies. But if there is a good offer that will not hamper his television show, he will surely take it up.