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Dhruv Singh Hindi Actor

Dhruv Singh

Dhruv Singh is a young actor working in the television industry. This Sikh boy has all the looks and has a good combo of perfect height and body features. He started with his acting career in a comedy series. Recently, Dhruv is acting in a series of Sab TV. He is playing role of Vinod Khanna in SAB TV series 'Saheb Biwi Aur Boss', for which he is gaining loads of popularity. In the series 'Saheb Biwi Aur Boss', the plot is full of hustles and bustles in which Vinod is trapped by Anisha . The confusions created by her to marry him and the whole story which gets tangled and twisted are one of its kind. Dhruv loves to work with his co-stars especially Firoz Khan and Supriya Shukla, who are playing the roles of his father and mother in it. He is being loved by his fans who are the viewers of this show just because of his funny and excellent acting. The madness that he portrays in the serial for Anisha Ji is extremely humorous and crazy. This is a must watch series. The character of Anisha played by Mugdha Chaphekar adds humour to the show. People feel like dying of laughter when they see him acting. The way he portrays his role is excellent and witty. Just from the beginning of his career, Dhruv has made loads of fans and has turned out to be a celebrity. People call him by the name of the character that he plays, 'Vinod Khanna'. He loves to hear this name and his fans also knows him more by his character’s name. This shows the popularity he is gaining by this show. Dhruv does not possess much experience, but does his work with dedication and performs well in his comic role.