Abhishek Bajaj is a small screen actor in India. He was born in Delhi and studied economics, while he was modeling.

He played the role of Ishaan Zorawar Shergill in the soap, Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi, on the channel, Star Plus. In this serial, Ishaan is the youngest son in Shergill’s clan. He tried to escape from their house when he finished college. But despite of trying to run, he loves his family so much. He was unaware that his family only wants him to say that he loves them and nothing more. He is also a funny loving guy in this soap, which is not far from what he is in real life. Thus, his role in the TV serial is somewhat an easy job for him, because he did not have to put much effort since he can relate to his character. The serial has already launched its 100th episode.

Abhishek also played a role in the Indian soap, Nayi Umar Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish Agla Padav, which is nominated as the Best Fiction Series. This was his first project as an actor. Before going to Mumbai and became an actor, he was a soccer and cricket player. He played league matches with the said sport. Actually, Abhishek’s main purpose in transferring to Mumbai was his family.

He was asked to have a two to three month break, because of his track in the show that was not very promising, so he chose to do commercials and became busy with it.