Navneet Gairola Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Supporting Actor

Navneet is a freelancing actor working in this film industry. He is from Dehradun. He is an experienced theatre director too. He also worked as a radio jockey for a few years and also worked as an anchor for Doordarshan. Navneet is a voice-over artist and he worked for Kumbh Mela, Swach Bharat, etc. As he was in Radio for years, he celebrated International World Radio Day in Dehradun University, where he was a teacher. He is in the theatre for a long time. He not only directs theater plays but also performs on the stage. He also attended many workshops to improve his acting skill; he got the opportunity to meet with personalities like Rajendra Gupta Rajendra Gupta is a veteran Indian director, theat >> Read More... Rajendra Gupta , Bapi Bose, etc. He is known for “ Paan Singh Tomar Click to look into! >> Read More... Paan Singh Tomar ,” Life flows On,” Little Baby,” etc.