Maqsood Hassan

Other names of Maqsood Hassan: Maqsood Bhai

Maqsood Hassan was a veteran radio, television and stage artist in Pakistan film and television world. Fondly he was also known as ‘Maqsood Bhai’ for his great sense of acting and long journey in film and television world of Pakistan. He passed away in the month of September 2014 due to heart failure.

The actor was 67 years old when he breathed his last. Like many actors of his generation, the actor had a very humble beginning. He started his acting career on a children’s program through radio stations based in Pakistan. He was a voice over artist then and had lent his voices over some programs in radio stations.

He began his career almost 50 years ago when the industry was at a very nascent stage. But he made his major breakthrough in some of the brilliant movies, plays and TV series. His associates and the film fraternity always dubbed him as a great performer of the century. Known for his brilliance in stage and movie performances, he used his small height in an advantageous proposition to his acting talent.

For his dwarf size, he was considered the’ little superstar’ and had never struggled in his career. He narrated some of the most memorable characters on small and big screen. Some of his memorable movies are ‘Jaag Utha Insaan’. His memorable plays were Nasser Hussain’s ‘Humlog’. Maqsood shared his stage presence with veterans like Moin Akhtar. He is also known for his performance in a comedy drama TVseries ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah’ which premiered in 2012 on ARY Digital.

In this show, he displayed his quick sense of humor in every scene. Known for charismatic personality, the actor was totally gifted and had a unique sense of his comic timing. His excellent performance in ‘ Hum Log Hum Log was the first soap opera to be telecasted >> Read More... Hum Log ’ with other several dwarf artists of Pakistan such as Shahid Rana and Afzal Bhai in this show created enough craze. It was a show which aimed to tell the audiences that the dwarfs should not be subject to teasing in the society.

The show was directed by Nazar Hussain. It was a story of few dwarf men who fall in love with taller women. The show had a critical applause and had a good response from viewers.