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Harvinder Sihra is now a well known WWE player who uses his Ring name as Samir Singh. He has been participating in WWE official matches with his brother, Gurvinder Sihra, whose Ring name is Sunil Singh Sunil Singh also known as Sunil Kumar Singh is an >> Read More... Sunil Singh . Both are former WWE champions with a total of Samir having five and four of Sunil.

They both are Sikhs and were born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada was debuted in October 2005 and May 2006 respectively in WWE championships. Their tag team is popularly known by the name, "The Bollywood Boyz," which was used by them even before their roster debut in WWE. Harvinder usually wrestled many times in singles matches as Bollywood Don.

Their tag team was famous in many locations as they won the tag as a winning team named as "ECCW Tag Team Championship," five times in a row in the years 2011 to 2015. Four years before, in 2016, they have been announced as participants in WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament, but both were eliminated from that Tournament after loosing their respective matches.

Harvinder was in Douglas College, where he used to study history and not only that, he also has worked as a model and an actor and has appeared in the movie, named " Brothers Click to look into! >> Read More... Brothers ," in the year 2015. Harvinder Sihra and his brother Gurvinder Sihra with their fellow, John Morrison, has appeared in the movie, named " Russell Madness Click to look into! >> Read More... Russell Madness ." Both Sunil Singh & Samir Singh are known as "The Singh Brothers." They both working hard on their dreams and wish to achieve many things in their life which they wish to share.

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Harv Sihra is an actor and a wrestler. He was seen as Kyle in the movie Nightwing: Prodigal, released in 2014. The movie was directed by Kyle James- Patrick, written by Brady Roberts and JD Buzz. In 2016 he appeared in the TV series Talking Smack. Harv Sihra or Harvinder Sihra was born on November 2, 1987 in Punjab, India. His family moved to Canada when he was young. Harv has an elder brother, Gurvinder Sihra, who is three years older than Harv. Harv, after completing his educations, followed the footsteps of his brother and entered into wrestling. He got his training done in the Hart Dungeon. For a few years, Harv wrestled as a singles wrestler with the ring name Bollywood Don. After that, both the brothers teamed up as The Bollywood Lions and later The Bollywood Boyz. From 2011 to 2015, the brothers won the ECCW championship five times in a row. In their early career, they have won several championships, including RKK champion and Global Force Wrestling. During 2016-2017 they participated in several matches in WWE. In 2017 in the match SmackDown Live, the brothers entered the game with the tag of “The Singh Brothers.” Harv named himself Samir Singh, and Gurv was named Sunil Singh. Samir and Sunil played as healers for Jinder Mahal. In 2017 Harv was ranked 236 in the PWI magazine in the list of 500 wrestlers.